On the anti-terror law of the US-Duterte regime — NPA-Panay


The militarist Duterte government is in frenzy to stop the anger of hungry Filipinos. The railroading of the anti-terror law clearly shows the intention of the anti-poor and fascist government to silence the poor who are victims of Duterteís criminal negligence. Duterte cannot hide the failure of his militarist solution to the Covid19.

The people are angry to the loss of livelihood, unfair and late distribution of food and aid, and violations of their socio-cultural rights. The brutal yet inept police and military have become frontliners of abuse and violence in the implementation of various forms of lockdown.

Right now, the anti-terror law targets ordinary citizens to discourage and prevent their militant and democratic actions against Duterteís incompetence. The government will criminalize and tag ëterrorist/domestic terroristí the legitimate and just actions of the people. It will intensify the attacks against humanitarian workers and advocates of peopleís rights. As usual, Duterte will use his corrupt and brutal police and military to murder and render silent the poor.

Terrorism is not new in countryside- it has long been perpetuated by all reactionary regimes. In spite of this, the people continue to resist and fight the terrorist attacks of fascist troops. The New Peoples Army, as the army of the oppressed, strives to defend the poor from those in power. The intensification of Duterteís attacks will push more people to take up arms against the regime. We enjoin the people, especially the youth, to become red fighters of the NPA and contribute to the establishment of the Peopleís Democratic Government in the countryside.

Fight the anti-terror bill!
Oust the fascist, corrupt, anti-poor and puppet US-Duterte regime!
Achieve justice! Join the NPA!


On the anti-terror law of the US-Duterte regime -- NPA-Panay