On the conviction of General Palparan

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces join the Filipino people in celebrating the conviction earlier today of Gen. Jovito Palparan by the Malolos Regional Trial Court for kidnapping and serious illegal detention over the enforced disappearance of UP activists Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño in 2006.

Palparan was convicted together with co-accused Lt. Col. Felipe Anotado and Staff Sgt. Edgardo Osorio. The court penalized them with reclusion perpetua.

Palparan’s conviction is cause for celebration for the families of the victims, human rights defenders and mass organizations. It is a victory attained through relentless campaign for justice and retribution for all the fascist crimes perpetrated during the course of the Gen. Palparan’s reign of terror especially under Gloria Arroyo’s Oplan Bantay Laya 1 and 2.It further strengthens the determination of thousands of victims of Gen. Palaparan to demand further justice for all the murder, torture, abduction, rape, etc. directed and perpetrated by the most rabid implementor of Oplan Bantay Laya.

Palparan’s conviction amplifies the Filipino people’s demand for Arroyo and all her fascist cohorts to be indicted, imprisoned, prosecuted and punished for the numerous crimes and rampant violation of human rights committed during their campaign of vicious suppression of democratic rights.

With the conviction of Palparan, the Filipino people are further emboldened to demand an end to the reign of terror and mass murder of the fascist Duterte regime. Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan and martial law in Mindanao and grave violations of human rights clearly draw from Palparan’s legacy of impunity and terror. Extrajudicial killings, population control and other violations of democratic rights and crimes against humanity are widespread.

Palparan’s ilk, including zealots of the US-doctrine of counter-insurgency now occupy the top echelons of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). The Filipino people demand their accountability and punishment for the crimes perpetrated under the Duterte regime.

The Filipino people and their revolutionary forces will continue to resolutely resist Duterte’s campaigns of suppression, Oplan Kapayapaan and Mindanao martial law.

On the conviction of General Palparan