On the lies of the AFP regarding civilian recruitment for intelligence

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As the brutal US-Duterte regime intensifies its bloody counterrevolution, it has dumped billions upon billions of pesos to amp up its war machinery, including the recruitment of civilians to join their intelligence network. By all means, you should refuse these kinds of offers.

While initially promising- a sack of rice and at least P10,000 pesos monthly with another reward if you can successfully ‘point’ a target- this is but a misdirection to the socioeconomic ills the Negrosanons and the entire Filipino people are facing. If the reactionary government is truly willing to aid its people, it would’ve long answered the problem of landlessness, job insecurity, poverty, hunger, and more, not merely misdirecting the needs of the many towards mere bounty hunting.

This serves as a warning to all families. To wives, make sure that your husbands do not fall prey to the offers of the AFP. Husbands should be on the lookout as well, as the philanderous practice of the military has exploited women several times just for their pleasure. Your children should also avoid being misled by the reactionary troops, as they have proven to be the source of bad influence among the youth.

While the socioeconomic crisis has gravely affected the people, all the AFP, PNP, NTF-ELCAC and the entire reactionary government can do is offer temporary unaudited ‘incentives’ that they think is the only stimulus required by the people to compensate for their corruption. Their offers are not jobs, nor can they be considered aid, as they will endanger your lives even more while they wallow safely with taxpayer money.

The only answer to the genuine problems of society is the resistance justly waged by the oppressed for more than 53 years. The most patriotic and nationalist thing to do is not to join the ranks of proven murderers, but to tread the path of the national democratic revolution. It is the only tool of the masses to unroot imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism. Should you wish to surmount the difficulties imposed to you by the ruling system, the best solution is to join mass organizations and collectively fight for our rights deprived to us by the very institution trying to lure you in.

Better yet, take up arms and join the NPA as the genuine army of the people committed to wage armed revolution to establish a society that does not depend on spare change from the rich (much like the AFP’s recruitment for their network of spies), but a society that can make use of its resources to provide for every citizen, where the wages we receive are enough to sustain our families, where peace is not simply the absence of war but also of hunger and poverty, where our rights are respected, where our needs are met- a democratic society that the CPP-NPA and the masses have been fighting for and slowly establishing in the countryside. #

On the lies of the AFP regarding civilian recruitment for intelligence