On the mass return of Overseas Filipino Workers

The return of hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of overseas Filipino workers will make ever more untenable and incendiary the chronic crisis of the underdeveloped and semifeudal economy of the Philippines.

They are rejoining the ranks of the unemployed, where the hope of employment has been dimmed by the plunder of the public treasury, economy and the environment by the Duterte regime of butchers and crooks.

The returning Filipino workers have no jobs to return to, despite the propaganda about retraining. In the first place, the OFWs left the Philippines because of the grave unemployment situation.

They are returning to a country more than ever before devastated by foreign interests, corrupt government officials and the local exploiting classes. They are confronted by a regime that is tyrannical, traitorous, genocidal and extremely corrupt.

Now and in time to come under the exploitative ruling system, the problem of high unemployment and mass poverty can only become far worse than ever before. The global crisis of overproduction will continue to adversely affect the Philippine economy.

The conditions of exploitation and oppression are escalating. They are more than ever favorable for the advance of the people’s democratic revolution despite all the brutal efforts of the Duterte regime to suppress it through state terrorism.

On the mass return of Overseas Filipino Workers