On the NTF-Elcac and ATC Resolution No. 28


As Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in previous peace negotiations with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, I condemn the Duterte tyrannical regime for using the National Task Force-Elcac and the so-called Anti-Terror Council as instruments of state terrorism to issue NTF-Elcac/ATC Resolution No. 28, dated January 22, 2022 but published only on February 22, 2022, and thereby declare as “terrorist” 16 patriotic and democratic organizations allied with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, escalate the oppression of the people and further ensure the rigging of the 2022 elections in favor of the Marcos-Duterte tandem and slate through fraud and terrorism.

The allied and component organizations of the NDFP targetted by the NTF-Elcac/ATC declaration are the following: the Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions (RCTU), the Katipunan ng mga Samahang Manggagawa (KASAMA), the Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid (PKM), Makabayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (Makibaka), the Kabataang Makabayan (KM), the Katipunan ng mga Gurong Makabayan (Kaguma), the Makabayang Samahang Pangkalusugan (MSP or Masapa), the Liga ng Agham para sa Bayan (LAB), the Lupon ng mga Manananggol para sa Bayan (Lumaban), the Artista at Manunulat ng Sambayanan (Armas), the Makabayang Kawaning Pilipino (MKP), the Revolutionary Organization of Overseas Filipinos and their Families (Compatriots), the Christians for National Liberation (CNL), the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front (CPDF), the Moro Resistance Liberation Organization (MRLO) and the Revolutionary Organization of Lumads (ROL).

I am confident that the abovementioned formations can very well take care of themselves and defend themselves against any campaign of suppression directed against them because they have long been tempered and tested in revolutionary struggle and have prevailed over the 14-year Marcos fascist dictatorship and other challenges. They have long preserved themselves, persevered and struggled successfully from the underground. But we can anticipate that the Duterte regime will arbitrarily brand people as belonging to these underground organizations and accuse entire legal democratic organizations as alter-egos, facade or extension in violation of their constitutional and legal rights.

According to reliable inside sources in the Duterte political machinery and in the NTF-Elcac and the ATC, the Duterte regime has already made a plan for red-tagging, mass arrests, detentions and selective murders at the expense of the social activists among the workers, peasants, women, youth, teachers, health professionals, artists and writers, government employees, migrant workers, Christians, Cordillerans, Moros, Lumads and other national minorities belonging to legal democratic and patriotic organizations in order to intimidate the broad masses of the people, prepare the rigging of the 2022 elections and to make credible and realizable the threat of martial law before the end of Duterte’s term of office.

By escalating the oppression and exploitation of the people and their legal patriotic and democratic forces, the Duterte regime and the NTF-Elcac and ATC can only aggravate the political and socioeconomic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system and make the conditions in the Philippines more fertile than ever for the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. Those who are in power are seeking to perpetuate such root causes of the armed conflict as foreign monopoly capitalism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism and are aggravating these with bureaucratic and military corruption and military overspending.

The budgetary and trade deficits can no longer be covered by the export of cheap raw materials and cheap labor and by raising the local and foreign public debt. Since the Duterte regime came to power in 2016, the public debt has more than doubled from Php 5.9 trillion to more than Php 11.7 trillion as of end-2021. The underdevelopment, high unemployment, low incomes, inflation and mass poverty have worsened so fast. The grave economic crisis is combining so well with the grave political crisis, manifested most by state terrorism or the open rule of terror, in exposing the decadent and moribund character of the ruling system and in goading the people to take the road of armed revolution.###

On the NTF-Elcac and ATC Resolution No. 28