On third anniversary of police killing of Kian delos Santos

We mark today the third anniversary of the police killing of young Kian delos Santos who was falsely accused of being a drug peddler and killed arbitrarily in the course of police drug operations. Kian’s killing puts a spotlight on the thousands of extrajudicial killings perpetrated by Duterte’s police force under his so-called drug war.

Today, the Party and all revolutionary forces express solidarity with the tens of thousands of families of victims of the Duterte regime’s murderous four-year drug war. From the outset, the Party denounced it as anti-democratic and anti-poor and demanded an immediate end to it. The Party reiterates its position and supports efforts by various groups to hold Duterte criminally liable before local and international courts.

The CPP supports the findings of United Nations’ human rights officers which expose police killings and widespread abuses under the Duterte regime’s drug war. We support the demand for full accounting of human rights violations in the course of the drug war, as well as in the regime’s counterinsurgency and campaign of political repression.

Duterte’s drug war is a big sham. It is a campaign of mass killing to establish Duterte’s control of the illegal drug trade in the country. These days, the biggest criminal syndicates bow and seek his protection. He is now the biggest drug protector having successfully placed the smuggling of shabu and other drugs from China under his control through the appointment of his trusted military generals in the Bureau of Customs.

State violence is employed relentlessly in order for Duterte to constantly remind the syndicates to whom they bow to. Police drug killings and human rights violations continue with impunity and are again on the rise. The main victims are the street peddlers and users who are targeted to serve as push back against syndicates who dare to operate outside his protectorship, or challenges or disrespects his power.

Under Duterte’s protection, the illegal drug trade in the country continues to expand. Millions of Filipinos are being drawn to drug use as a means of escaping poverty and unjust social realities. Widespread drug use is abetted in order to disunite and paralyze the working class and toiling people and prevent them from taking the revolutionary path.

On third anniversary of police killing of Kian delos Santos