On Vinoya’s ignorance and the teachers plight

Joint Task Force (JTF) Negros BGen. Eric Vinoya misrepresents the people’s demand for just and lasting peace in peddling the localized peace talks scheme. He has unmasked his own ignorance of the people’s real conditions and plays a typical Duterte stooge.

Today, we celebrate World Teacher’s Day. But in the Philippines, like workers and peasants, teachers are victims of Duterte’s greed and tyranny.

Spending billions to gratify the military and police and procuring weapons and war facilities to impose his strong-man rule, Duterte has abandoned even the education sector. The teachers’ demand for wage increase and for a P30,000 entry level salary have no hope under this corrupt and deceitful military junta.

Just last July, two teachers were victims of extrajudicial killings in Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental. Under Duterte’s regime, teachers’ progressive organizations are red-tagged and schools are militarized. The AFP, now represented by BGen. Vinoya in Negros, and the PNP are so obsessed with decimating the New People’s Army (NPA), genuine defenders of the exploited and oppressed, that even teachers are prey to their fascism.

The plight of teachers is part of the struggle of the Filipino people. The fight against de facto martial law in Negros is also their fight. With Duterte forsaking his promises to the people and instead putting forward an iron fist to silence the people’s clamor, he is also pushing teachers toward the path of armed revolution.

The National Democratic Front – Negros is one with the Filipino people in saluting our teachers who have dedicated their lives to moulding the Filipino youth. We call on all teachers to actively participate in the broad alliance against tyranny and fascism. Join the NPA to advance genuine social and economic change especially a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education.###

On Vinoya's ignorance and the teachers plight