Open letter to Facebook and Facebook Philippines

Dear Facebook and Facebook Philippines,

Despite our efforts over the past days to communicate with Facebook, we have received no reply to our demand for an explanation or information why the PRWC page ( was taken down last April 8.

Contrary to its declared its mission “to make the world more open and connected” and be a platform of “diversity of (a) global community”, Facebook has practically censored the CPP and the Philippine revolutionary Left, at a time that the PRWC has succeeded in building a considerable community within Facebook.

The takedown of the PRWC’s FB page was carried out just after it had exposed the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for churning out fake news in the mass media and social media. In particular, the PRWC page exposed as fake news the claims of the AFP of armed encounters with the New People’s Army (NPA) to justify the killings of unarmed peasants in the countryside and widespread violations of human rights.

The PRWC takedown was carried out right after it had just exposed and resisted as well the efforts of the US-supported military and defense establishment to spoil the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) representing the revolutionary forces.

Over the past months, the PRWC page has served as a communication tool to convey to the public the views of the CPP as well as daily news of the struggles of the broad Filipino masses for social justice and peace.

It would seem that the PRWC page, as an information platform for the CPP and revolutionary Left, has become less tolerable to the purveyors of fake news after it had built a considerable community of more than 10,000 Likes and Followers. The horde of paid trolls of the AFP, which have targetted the PRWC page non-stop, have become less effective in overwhelming the PRWC page with their cuss-filled hate posts against the CPP and the revolutionary forces.

The takedown of the PRWC is Facebook censorship of the CPP revolutionary Left. With it, the Facebook community of members and supporters of the revolutionary left, the Philippine media and the interested public have been effectively denied of a source of news and information reflecting the views of the CPP and its related organizations.

The PRWC page must be put back online, with all its previous posts and records of Likes and Followers. The community built around it deserves nothing less.

As a privately-owned platform, Facebook, of course, has the prerogative of doing anything within the realm of its service, including to censor political views and suppress the right to free speech and expression. However, having become a major means of public communication and platform for information exchange, Facebook must be compelled to respect the public good, including the community’s right to choose what to read and believe in.

Vim Montes Media Liaison, CPP Information Bureau

Open letter to Facebook and Facebook Philippines