Oppose LGU arm-twisting!


On January 27, the morning broadcast of DZRH (anchored by Cong. Angelo Palmones) bared about the supposed list of LGU officials supporting the NPA and the revolutionary movement currently the AFP is in possession.

But it did not gave the details who are these concerned officials and from what LGU they come from.

It cited a source the chief of J-7 (DCS-CMO) Major General Benidict Arevalo. It is also accompanied by a sound bite that said: “Alam na namin kong sino kayo…”.

He further threatened them with barrage of legal cases and other serious consequences.

Commenting on the issue, Palmones linked this to the arrest of alleged NPA leader inside the house of a board member in Atimonan, Rizal.

In the Third District of Negros Oriental, the radio station of 11th IB K3 FM 100.1 MHz has been used as avenue for menacing GRP official whom they suspected as “NPA allies” if not “NPA members” themselves.

The threat was packaged as an “advise” to remind them of their mandate as elected officials of the recationary government not to be swayed by NPA “intimidation and deception” whose objective is to overthrow the very government they are serving.

This radio station is manage by the CMO unit of said Army battalion under Capt. Francis Salcedo and an NCO known by his air name as “Ka Omar” and another two NCOs.

Aside from this, social medial trolls of using fictitious accounts served as propaganda mills spawning intrigues and fake news.

In area they besiege, RCSP troops are sowing black propaganda against officials they suspected to have links with the revolutionary movement.

A glaring example of which is what happened to a barangay captain in of the biggest villages of Sta Catalina who was intrigued by the military of diverting the SAP fund to support the NPA, allowing them to use the barangay rescue vehicle and even his house.

The military perpetuated such acts to coerce LGU officials to get involved in its brutal and bloody counter-revolutionary war against the people.

In view of this, the Rachalle Mae Palang Command (NPA-Southeast Negros) issued an open letter to all LGU officials in the Third District of Negros Oriental to urge them to stand up for their rights and resist the arm-twisting of the US-Duterte regime through fascist military for them to be utilized as instrument of state terrorism. ###

Oppose LGU arm-twisting!