Oppose the 2nd TRAIN law package that will further burden the people

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The 2nd TRAIN Law package of the US-Duterte regime to be implemented before the end of 2018 is but another burden to the Filipino people. It will lower the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) or tax of large corporations owned by big foreign capitalists and big bourgeoisie compradors. It is an additional incentive for foreign investors in the country. This does not include the tax holidays and exemptions that the government have already given to the capitalists under liberalization. Furthermore, the US-Duterte regime cannot dictate the prices of goods because these are controlled by the capitalists.

The lowering of the CIT of large corporations and giving additional incentives to foreign investors, favor foreign and local businesses in the country. This will result in further exploitation of the labor force for profit.

In line with the US-Duterte regime’s intentions, the TRAIN Law is implemented to fund its grandiose Build, Build, Build program. The lowering of CIT of large corporations will decrease the government’s supply of funds. Where, then, will the funds come from? In short, aside from the unsolved crisis of rising prices of basic commodities, the people will shoulder additional taxes and debt payments to fund these projects.  The grave effects of the first TRAIN Law package will continue.

The current thrusts of the US-Duterte regime are mining, plantations, portfolio investment (which do not create actual jobs), semi-processing industries and infrastructure that does not guarantee decent and sustainable job creation. With the expansion and escalation of contractualization among workers, wages will further diminish, they will have fewer benefits and would have no job security. The reserve army of workers will increase due to the destruction of local businesses, displacement of farmers and Lumad due to land grabbing and lack of basic industrialization that would create jobs, among others. Aside from these, criminality (robbery, drugs, killings) in the country will escalate due to poverty.

In the CARAGA region, the people are suffering immense difficulties under the first TRAIN Law package. The constant rise of gasoline prices has resulted to the never-ending increase of prices of basic commodities such as rice and food stuff.  Fares and utility bills like electricity and water, are also rising.

Aside from the rising prices of basic commodities, wages of workers and farm workers remain low and they are constantly threatened with joblessness because of contractualization. On the other hand, the prices of farm products are getting lower and rent for land and farm implements, prices of farm inputs and loan interests, are going up.

To alleviate the effects of the TRAIN law, the US-Duterte regime continue to use 4P’s and rice subsidies to ease poverty, but these are only an appeasement of the people’s anger. In reality, it does not solve the problem of rising prices of goods. The fund has become a source of corruption by government officials.

The first TRAIN Law package has also been affecting the middle forces such as teachers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals as they are also victims of low wages while their expenditures are increasing.

Duterte has shown the public that he is not for the people. His pressing for the implementation of the second TRAIN Law package demonstrates his puppetry to imperialist countries.

He is more and more isolated from the people because of his anti-people and criminal actions. In fact, protest actions in the country side and cities are expanding and escalating, not only to demand for the withdrawal of the TRAIN Law and other anti-people and anti-democratic laws, but the people are also calling for the ouster of Duterte from power.

The people can no longer hope that the current regime will solve poverty in the country.   It is only through the People’s Democratic Revolution with a socialist perspective that the people can achieve genuine justice and equality in economy, politics and culture, military and foreign relations.

Scrap TRAIN law!

Oppose the 2nd TRAIN law package that will further burden the people