“Oust Duterte!” is a widespread clamor of the Filipino people

The demand to oust Duterte from power is not a “plot” by a small group of conspirators, as recently claimed by Malacañang. It is, rather, a strong clamor and widespread movement across the country uniting millions of people who have had enough of Duterte’s fascist, corrupt and treasonous regime.

They demand the ouster of Duterte from power at the soonest possible time.

The call for Duterte’s ouster resounds across the country from Mindanao where the peasants, Lumads, workers and broad sectors suffer from the brutalities of martial law; to Negros where police and military forces have perpetrated a vicious campaign of mass killings against organized peasants; to Samar where military units occupy communities; as well as to other provinces where attacks and abuses against the toiling masses are rampant. The clamor has spread even among Filipinos overseas where Duterte’s fascist notoriety has roused their indignation.

“Oust Duterte” reverberates across the Cordilleras and Sierra Madre mountains where the people are fiercely resisting destructive dam and other infrastructure projects.

As patriots, the Filipino people want Duterte ousted because they are outraged by his regime’s treasonous sellout to China of the country’s patrimony in the South China Sea, as well as in anomalous government contracts for burdensome loans and overpriced infrastructure projects, in exchange for fat kickbacks for Duterte and his cronies; as well as collusion with the US military which has been allowed to use the country as base for its Operation Pacific Eagle in exchange for military funding for his all-out war of suppression.

Millions of Filipinos want an end to Duterte and his fake drug war where tens of thousands have been killed in his crazed drive to assert drug overlordship and centrally control the drug trafficking in the country.

“Oust Duterte!” is the demand of millions who are enraged by the unexplained accumulation of the Dutertes declared wealth and what is believed to be much bigger hidden wealth accumulated through years of bureaucrat capitalist corruption and links with criminal and smuggling syndicates.

The clamor for Duterte’s ouster is strongest among the broad toiling masses who are suffering from deteriorating socio-economic conditions marked by widespread joblessness and contractualization, rural displacement as a result of land-use conversion and land grabbing, low wages, measly salaries, onerous taxes, rising prices of food and fuel, and of the overall cost of living.

The broad masses want to oust Duterte before he succeeds with his scheme to establish himself an outright fascist dictator and perpetuate his family’s dynastic rule.

The clamor for Duterte’s ouster is spreading even among the ruling elite who are under constant threat of political and economic disenfranchisement by Duterte’s Marcos-style authoritarianism. There is growing disenchantment among younger officers of the military and police who are scandalized by top-level corruption, by involvement in crime of Duterte’s favorite officers as well as by the brutal tactics of armed suppression.

The Filipino people must surmount Duterte’s fascist tyranny and boldly wage mass struggles. The revolutionary forces led by the Party, are on their side. Units of the New People’s Army, in particular, target the most fascist of Duterte’s military and police forces, in order to punish them for their gross abuses against the people.

The key to ousting Duterte is building the broadest possible united front of all forces opposed to his tyrannical, treasonous and corrupt regime.

They must aim to bring together the people in great numbers in mass demonstrations to drive Duterte out of Malacañang, have him arrested and make him answerable for all the crimes perpetrated by his regime.


"Oust Duterte!" is a widespread clamor of the Filipino people