Oust the two-sided traitor Duterte

The Filipino people today mark the 121st anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence. They draw inspiration from the epic struggle of their forebears to attain national freedom from Spanish colonialism, as well as from the century-long struggle to end US colonialism and US neo-colonialism.

More than a century hence, the country remains under US imperialist domination economically, politically, militarily and culturally. The country continues to be plundered by American big corporations, by US-controlled banks, financial institutions and credit agencies. Through the neoliberal offensive in past decades, the country continues to be plundered and consigned to being a mere economic appendage of the operations of foreign big capitalists.

The Philippines serves as one giant base of the US military as part of its geopolitical strategy. Several hundred to more than a thousand US soldiers and military advisers are permanently stationed in the Philippines directing and arming the Philippine military in counterinsurgency. The US uses the country to conduct war exercises and as a launching pad for power projection and intervention.

The US imperialists perpetuate its domination through its client-state, currently headed by the national traitor Duterte and its puppet officials. It employs the military and police as its most reliable force to perpetuate the country’s semicolonial state.

Duterte is a two-sided traitor. While heading the neocolonial client-state under American rule and serving US economic, military and geo-political interests, he has allowed the rising imperialist China to infringe on the country’s maritime territory and plunder the country’s economic resources.

The Filipino people’s struggle for genuine national freedom today takes the form of the struggle against the US-Duterte fascist regime. Currently, Duterte is the principal tool for imperialist domination in the country, employing fascist terrorism to suppress the patriotic forces of the Filipino people and their national democratic cause.

In the face of all-out fascist terror of the Duterte regime, the clamor of the Filipino people for his ouster continues to mount. This is the most urgent task in the Filipino people’s struggle to advance the cause of national and social liberation.

Oust the two-sided traitor Duterte!

End US imperialist rule, economic plunder and military interventionism!

End China intrusions and plunder of the country’s patrimony!

Oust the two-sided traitor Duterte