Overcome all weaknesses, bravely confront all sacrifices and advance the people’s war!

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The various revolutionary organizations together with the broad masses offer salutations to the celebration of the 49th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) today April 24, 2022.

Let us give the highest salute to the 18 allied organizations of the NDFP for their unwavering courage in confronting the fascist dictatorship of the US-Duterte regime. Counter-insurgency campaigns of successive regimes failed because of the formidable unity of the broad masses, revolutionary mass organizations and patriots. They remain united, able to expand and consolidate in order to advance the armed revolution.

The people amidst worsening socio-economic and political crisis are concurrently confronted with unprecedented state fascism. Human rights violations are prevalent especially killings, arrests, abductions, torture, bombings, illegal searches, curfews, red tagging and repression of dissent. The Anti-Terrorism Council’s declaration of the 18 allied organizations of the NDF as “terrorists” further unmasked the Anti-Terrorism Law (ATL) as an anti-people legislation aimed at preserving the interest of the ruling class of despotic landlords and big comprador bourgeoisie represented by the fascist-tyrannical regime of Duterte.

The masses are experiencing extreme hunger and poverty while suffering from Duterte’s militarist Covid-19 pandemic response such as lockdowns and government neglect of the victims of calamity brought about by Typhoon Odette. The inept Duterte regime is swamped with corruption, but many are jobless or are receiving low wages like the farm and sugar milling central workers. The class contradiction is sharpening as despotic landlords using their position in the government, courts and paid butchers like AFP/PNP and other armed goons dispossess the farmers of their lands to suppress the peasants’ just struggle for genuine land reform.

The bloodied hands of a fascist regime persist in Negros even as the term of Duterte is coming to an end. The people valiantly resist the brutal implementation of MO 32 and EO-70 that slayed so many lives of farmers, workers, activists, leaders of progressive organizations, journalists and lawyers. However, the AFP/PNP’s counter-insurgency campaign against the NPA still utterly failed despite its ruthlessness. The revolutionary movement in Negros Island can never be vanquished because of the warm support of the masses.

The 2022 polls exposed the foulest aspect of the ruling political system comprised of patronage politics, politics of the moneyed, cheating, and deception. Rodrigo Duterte, in the last days of his term, will employ every scheme to ensure the continuity of his power and accumulation of wealth through corruption and to elude prosecution and cases filed against him at the International Criminal Court (ICC). He will see to it that his family and allies continue to hold power.

NDF-Negros calls for the broadest unity of the mass movement against the most brutal and corrupt Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte alliance in order to frustrate their goal to remain in power by spreading terror to pave the way for massive cheating in the upcoming 2022 elections. Meanwhile it is also necessary to intensify the struggles for the basic rights of the people against state fascism and rights in the economic and political fields.

The people must seize the favorable situation presented by the elections to highlight the genuine demands and interests of the masses. They must be in constant vigilance against plunderers, foreign puppets, criminals, and warlords such as the Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte tandem achieving positions of power.

We call on Negrosanons to stand up against terror sown by the fascist Duterte regime and expose the terrorism of NTF-ELCAC that became the vicious thugs of the reactionary state in oppressing the people. Closely link the anti-fascist movement to the anti-feudal struggle of the peasant masses as victories are continually realized.

We must overcome all weaknesses, bravely confront all sacrifices and advance the people’s war. Grasp firmly our victories and draw lessons from our weaknesses in carrying out armed struggle, agrarian revolution and the establishment of organs of political power to advance the armed revolution. Invigorate the expansion and strengthening of the armed resistance of the people and we call on the youth to serve the oppressed masses in the countryside and enlist in their genuine people’s army.

Where there is oppression the people will be more united in the armed revolution. In its 49th anniversary, the NDFP together with its allied revolutionary organizations continues to expand and consolidates. With the correct leadership of the CPP and the close links of the NPA and the masses, a bright future is certain. ###

Overcome all weaknesses, bravely confront all sacrifices and advance the people’s war!