₱183-M US-supplied weapons boosts Duterte’s tyranny, attacks against civilians

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) denounces the US government for continuing to prop up the murderous Duterte regime by delivering last Monday a new round of weapons worth ₱183 million to the Philippine military, including heavy machine guns, mortar tubes and others.

This latest delivery of weapons by the US military was carried out in complete disregard of the clamor of some democratic sectors in the United States calling for a suspension of military aid to the Duterte government amid rampant killings and human rights abuses.

The delivery of these weapons is a virtual pat on the head of Duterte and his armed thugs.

These US-supplied weapons will end up in the hands of abusive and trigger-happy troops on the ground. Thus, by supplying these weapons, the US military and government are making themselves responsible for the continuing campaign of killings against civilians being perpetrated by military troops.

Just over the past two weeks, military troops killed at least six civilians in the course of its counterinsurgency operations. Three civilians, including a chief village watchman, were killed last June 8 by forces under the 9th ID and local police in Masbate island. On June 15, AFP special forces indiscriminately fired upon a group of lumad peasants killing three, including a 12-year old girl.

By delivering these weapons, the US government is giving in to the demands of Duterte for more bombs and bullets in exchange for securing the Visiting Forces Agreement, which Duterte has play-acted to scrap with successive suspensions of abrogation.

₱183-M US-supplied weapons boosts Duterte’s tyranny, attacks against civilians