P300-million fund for development cannot conceal the fascist and terrorist character of RTF-ELCAC

DICT Sec. Gringo Honasan may brandish the P300-million fund for socioeconomic projects, but this will not hide the fascist and terrorist character of the Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (RTF-ELCAC). No amount of money can ever parallel the value of civil rights and the people’s sovereignty, and the Bikolano masses will surely never surrender these to the fascist and terrorist US-Duterte regime.

In the formal creation of RTF-ELCAC last August 19-20 in Legazpi City, Albay, Honasan, one of the Cabinet Officers for Regional Development (CORD) Bikol, boastfully proclaimed that good governance, the delivery of health services, food, clothing and housing will curb insurgency in the region. True, for the longest time, these are things that the people been longing for. Is it proper to demand gratefulness and expect the masses to renounce their other civil rights in return for basic social services that, in the first place, are rightfully theirs?

Isn’t it the responsibility of the state to faithfully administer the people’s treasury – the fruit of the people’s toil and sacrifice? But what socioeconomic development will come from a fund that is not even enough to give a kilo of rice to more than five million Bikolanos? What can a few tabs of pain killers, free circumcision and haircuts and dance fairs do in the brunt of the Rice Tariffication Law and TRAIN Law?

In the formation of RTF-ELCAC, the US-Duterte regime will use the whole civilian bureaucracy and the people’s treasury to push and to fund an all-out war with the masses as a main target. The 83rd IB and Philippine Air Force (PAF) welcomed the creation of the RTF-ELCAC with the bombing and strafing of Brgy. Lidong, Caramoan, Camarines Sur. Those who truly defend and fight for the interests of the people are hunted down and murdered. Members of nationalist and progressive organizations are continuously being harassed, threatened and tagged as terrorists. All forms of struggle and airing out of legitimate grievances are considered crimes.

Masked between Honasan’s flowery words and sweet promises is the true face of RTF-ELCAC—a gang of corrupt grave diggers. The damage to the life and livelihood of the Bikolano masses brought on by RTF-ELCAC will surpass the combined losses of a storm and a mountain’s eruption.

The Filipinos are conscious that they can only rise from poverty once they overthrow the rotten and oppressive system that RTF-ELCAC rose from and protects. NDF-Bikol strongly calls on the Filipino people, especially the Bikolanos, to fight the RTF-ELCAC and all its efforts to suppress the people’s struggle. Bribes and alms can never restrain the fair and just struggle of the people.

Frustrate MO32 and EO70!
Fight the RTF-ELCAC!
Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!

P300-million fund for development cannot conceal the fascist and terrorist character of RTF-ELCAC