Pasaporte and the AFP-PNP are the women abusers, not the NPA

The AFP’s recent claim that “NPA commanders are sexually abusing their women comrades” based on the contraceptives they found in an alleged abandoned camp is another one of their age-old lies brought out of the blue and downright illogical.

The NPA strictly adheres to the ‘3-8’ or ‘tres-otso’, the three main rules of discipline and eight points for attention, which includes a point against the exploitation of women. Additionally, romantic relationships and marriage are considered as serious matters for the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NPA. Comrades and the masses are educated about family planning. The People’s Democratic Government has several statutes that involve the respect of women’s rights and their emancipation.

In the NPA, women are treated equally with men, enjoying every right the same as a male comrade. On the other hand, women are treated as objects in the AFP, as even their female troops are victims of patriarchal treatment and are mostly limited to office and mental work.

Rather, it is the AFP, PNP with their command er-in-chief Duterte at the helm who have consistently violated women’s rights. Some of their misogynistic feats include Duterte’s command of ‘shooting the NPA fighters directly in the vagina’, various rape jokes that get downplayed by his mouthpieces, military and police abuses all over the nation (such as the recent ‘sex- for-pass’ scheme) that objectify women even during the lockdown period in the current public health crisis, and their long rotten practice when conducting RCSP (Retooled Community Support Program) and other operations in different barangays here in Negros Island where they seduce and lure different women for their temporary amusement. Military detachments in Negros and in the Philippines are infamous for prostitution and exploitation of women.

It would be more productive if the US-Duterte regime focus on dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Billions of pesos are wasted on funding military overspending, enforced surrenders, bounty hunting, and operations stained with massive corruption. Taxpayer money would be better spent on healthcare and social services than on the AFP’s juvenile and baseless propaganda, which are futile to say the least. Pasaporte should consider suggesting the realignment of the AFP’s intelligence funds away from their not-so-intelligent bickering and pointless tirades.

Duterte and his military clique with their desperate albeit archaic smear campaigns have done nothing but backfire and expose their hypocrisy, bigotry and fascism. The AFP-PNP’s attempts to discredit the NPA have proven to be useless, with 51 years of the CPP-NPA as proof. Women, LGBT and the entire Filipino masses are witnesses to their crimes and are ever certain to commit themselves to the armed revolution’s just cause. ####


Pasaporte and the AFP-PNP are the women abusers, not the NPA