People Power 1 : A Myth – The Urgent Call OUST

Today marks the thirty-four (34) years since the EDSA People Power 1 in 1986. We at CNL unite with all shades or colors in commemorating the historic uprising. EDSA People Power 1 was a myth that permeated into the national consciousness and collective pursuit for genuine democracy, social justice and freedom. Church leaders like Cardina Sin, clergy, women religious and lay workers who with their fear and biases, opted to join the broadest united front in putting a stop to Marcos dictatorship. Committed church people who refused to be cowed into silence, defended human rights and responded to the needs of the least of their brethren.

We look back and draw lessons as we are again confronted with another dictatorship the US-Duterte regime. The misreadings of the times as well as the reactionary character of the church has continued to challenge church people and progressive individuals to “follow Christ and serve the people”.

The systemic economic conditions now continue to bleed dry the farmers and workers as evident today as it was the previous dispensations. Despite the claim of infrastructure developments like the Build, Build, Build and good economic performance, it remains largely beneficial to the ruling elite and oligarchs, capitalists and bureaucrats siphoning huge profits and public funds. This betray the irrevocable unholy alliance of neo-liberal policies clearly operational under Duterte’s leadership. No amount of populist stance can sustain a system that has already proven as futile .

The families of Extra Judicial Killings, drug war victims and marginalized sectors call on the Church and church people to sustain their stand against rampant violations of rights and dignity, curtailment of freedoms and social injustices. And we, the Christians for National Liberation urgent call – on the broadest number of church people to join in the collective effort of putting an end to class violence and injustices. We shall draw motivations from sharp and critical analysis of Churches and their leadership. Let us work without ceasing by exposing the corrupt and inhumane regime. Let us go out in numbers, unite under the broadest alliance with the urgent call – OUST Duterte. Let us help build a government that truly represents the people.

People Power 1 : A Myth - The Urgent Call OUST