People’s unity is the country’s best defense

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By design, the country has been deprived of fortified defenses against any foreign invasion by the US imperialist. It goes against its interest to enable countries under its control to take the nationalist path. The current US-Duterte regime’s lack of decisiveness in defending the country’s sovereignty merely mirrors the US imperialist’s lack of desire to engage in military hostility against China.

In any conflict that demands for a show of strength, it is not sophiscated arms that dictate the outcome. It is the people’s valor, their determination, their unwavering sacrifice for victory, and their firm nationalist unity that allows a country to unyieldingly stand against any foreign invasion. The Filipino people has proven it has all this. Then why does Duterte have his tails between his legs?

He has sold his soul to his imperialist master. It is better for Duterte to let it appear that he is being browbeaten to submission than let it be known that his regime has no intention at all of protecting the country’s sovereignty in the first place. Under the neocolonial rule of US imperialism, this is an imperative for any regime to reign.

Duterte has repeatedly washed his hands of the regime’s paltry foreign relations policies. He is not forced and frightened by the might of China. The regime is bent on revising the Constitution, under many guises and ruses, to further open the public coffers for plundering no matter the cost to the Filipino people’s sovereignty. Throughout his leadership he has repeatedly let China stomp all over the country’s sovereignty to implement his hollow infrastructure projects and joint ventures. These have allowed him to amass wealth for his family and cronies.

His current bloodthirsty campaign against the Filipino people further weakens the country. Instead of bolstering the government’s capacity to face a more superior adversary, it has, under the imperialists’ urging, taken aim at the people’s nationalist unity. Trillions of pesos from the people’s taxes are poured into upgrading and strengthening an army and police force that will not stand with the people. Guns and a battery of expensive equipment are procured and stationed not at strategic places guarding the boundaries of the country’s territory but are placed near the headquarters of foreign corporations and its operations. Military and police and their detachments have been assigned to farflung areas to keep toiling masses in constant fearful subservience.

The regime trembles at the thought of fostering the people’s nationalist unity lest it turns against his fascist terrorist rule. He is biding his time for the China invasion issue to die down while he is desperately clinging to his post.

The country can only rely on a state that unites the people. A state that constantly celebrates the people’s strength and enforces policies that support this. A state that empowers the country’s economic self-reliance and fosters its people’s welfare and rights. A state that never reduces the importance of its historic struggle and extols the role of the masses in resisting against foreign invaders. As long as the current system continues to hinder the establishment of such a state, the ruling class will perpetually betray the Filipino people’s valiant struggle.

NDF-Bicol appeals to the Bicolanos oragon’s nationalist spirit and pride. The current generation has much to build on. The current rising revolutionary tide promises not only liberation from the current ruling class’ exploitation and oppression but also a powerful foundation that will enable the country to endure and withstand any foreign aggression.

Liberate the Filipino people, strengthen the country!
Dare to resist foreign aggression!

People’s unity is the country’s best defense