PFC Maca, a legitimate military target, dead in NPA ambush


A soldier was killed in an ambush launched by the New People’s Army last October 2, 2020 at Pakwan, Lanuza, Surigao del Sur.

Private First Class Ariel Guinsod Maca, an active member of the 36th IBPA, armed with a caliber .45 pistol, was killed on the spot. He is an assistant cadreman of a Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) detachment in the said barangay. He is an active part of the continuing “community support programs” which result in fake NPA surrenderees, forcible CAFGU recruitment, red tagging, rampant gambling activities, proliferation of pornography and putting restrictions against indigenous farmers.

In addition, the installation of the CAFGU detachment at the center of the barangay violates international humanitarian law which states that all armed men should stay not less than 500 meters away from civilian structures. Rather, it aims to secure the resumed operations of logging company SUDECOR.

Based on the policies of the revolutionary movement, the NPA-SDS operatives took PFC Maca’s personal cellular phone, wristwatch and money worth P30,000 to be securely returned to his immediate family. Moreover, the operatives deny allegations of brutal killing of PFC Maca since the NPA adheres to the international law on the respect and proper treatment of the dead.

Contrary to the statement of aristocrat Indigenous Peoples’ Mandatory Representative Rico Maca that the death of PFC Maca was based on personal grudges, Ka Sandara Sidlakan, NPA- Surigao del Sur spokesperson responds, “every offensive launched by the NPA is not based on personal grudges. Any member of the reactionary AFP/PNP and its paramilitary group CAFGU is a legitimate target of NPA because they are the implementors of state terrorism, human rights violators, and suppress the people’s movement in their legitimate demand for national democracy and liberation.”

Furthermore, Ka Sandara urged the people to firmly stand against the de facto martial law perpetrated by the fascist US-Duterte regime and its reactionary armed forces. “The people should unite and expose the rampant human rights violations perpetrated by the AFP/PNP and its paramilitary group. The people have nothing but to rely on the united mass movement in waging armed struggle to counter and bring down the fascist and tyrant US-Duterte regime,” she ended.

PFC Maca, a legitimate military target, dead in NPA ambush