PKM-Negros: Condemn the assassination of Atty. Benjamin Ramos!

Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid – Negros Island condemns in the strongest terms possible the assassination of Atty. Benjamin Ramos on the night of November 6.

PKM – Negros Island condole with the wife and family of Atty. Benjamin Ramos and all Negros genuine land reform advocates and the revolutionary masses acquainted with him. Yet the significant achievements he modestly contributed through three decades of service to the Negros peasantry and people are enduring reasons for commemoration and inspiration in the continuing struggle against landlord oppression in Negros Island.

Atty. Benjamin Ramos is a sincere reformist who displayed a deep understanding and high respect for the farm workers and peasants’ pursuit of the revolutionary path of land reform. He has truly participated in the mainstream struggle for
genuine land reform in Negros not only through a lifetime of law practice for the cause on improving agrarian law, but on a much wider scale in pursuing and defending advocacies that sought to alleviate the economic, political and social conditions of farm workers and peasants.

The Panaghidaet sa Kauswagan Development Group (PDG) of which he was executive director till the time of his assassination, has decades of exemplary record of support in organizing, training, providing legal aid, facilitating socio-economic projects and promotion of sustainable agriculture. But through all the orthodoxies of NGO work, Atty. Ben was an affirmation of genuine activists of the intelligentsia who indeed serve the peasants and the people with heart and soul.

The value of his lifetime deserve attention and emulation to all middle forces who adhere to need of dismantling the feudal and semifeudal exploitation of the Filipino peasants.

We indeed deeply grieve for the demise of Atty. Ben. Yet clearly underneath our grieving is a long seething rage for social justice and national liberation. The perpetrators of Atty. Benjamin Ramos’ killing might as well be reminded of a time-enduring aphorism – to kill a revolutionary never kills the very revolution he embraces. In multifold, activists will spring from the very cause Atty. Ben Ramos has sacrificed his life for.

PKM extends a red salute to Atty. BR!

PKM-Negros: Condemn the assassination of Atty. Benjamin Ramos!