PNP in Quezon is in a state of denial or just covering-up their defeat in yesterday’s clash with NPA-Quezon

The PNP-Quezon is in a state of denial regarding yesterday’s ambush on joint forces of 80th  IB-PA and RMFB-4A by the NPA-Quezon forces. They are trying to cover-up their defeat in the hands of  NPA units whom they regards as spent force in Quezon province.
As reported in Philippine Daily Inquirer, the PNP-Quezon, namely Lt. Christopher Paloyo, denied that the ambush happened. But they cannot hide the truth because the five (5) bodies of the dead and one (1) wounded members of government troops is our concrete proof. In fact, a Huey helicopter tried to land in the ambush area after the firefight to airlift the dead and wounded soldiers. But, it wasn’t able to land  because of bad weather and fear of the helicopter pilot that he will be shot at if his aircraft came closer to site. To further seek truth from facts, we call on anybody interested, to  visit the ambush area in Sitio Loveno, Lower Lumutan, Gen. Nakar, Quezon. It is teeming with government forces who are now engaged in pursuit operation against the NPA forces who ambushed the joint AFP-PNP forces in the area.
We call on the officers of PNP-Quezon and 80th IB-PA to man-up and admit their defeat in the hands of NPA fighters. They must get their dead and wounded men out of the ambush area. They must immediately inform the families of their dead men and immediately get the wounded to the hospital.
At the same time, we are calling on the young officers and ordinary soldiers and policemen from AFP-PNP in Quezon Province, who are being used by their superiors as cannon-fodders, to stop following unjust orders. They must stop threatening, harming and destroying the lives and livelihood of ordinary farmers, Dumagat at Remontado tribesmen and people opposing KALIWA DAM, KANAN DAM and LAIBAN DAM projects.
If subjected to  NPA fire, they must immediately surrender and turn-over their weapons to the NPA forces. They will not be harmed once they surrender and their wounded will be given first aid before sending them to nearest hispital.
The Fascist Duterte Regime,  his favored oligarchs and Chinese and US imperialist master is  not worth fighting for.  They are just using you, to further their evil interest against the people who are just the same as your families and friend that are suffering from Duterte’s anti-people policies. They are getting richer and richer while your Filipino people are getting poorer and poorer.
Don’t believe your superiors that the AFP-PNP is winning the war against the CPP-NPA forces. Your experience in the field is your truth. You can never defeat a people’s army who renders genuine service to the people and are selflessly  offering their lives to protect the interest ot the people, while the AFP-PNP, where you belong, is clearly supporting the interest of the landlords, landgrabbers, foreign and local capitalist and bureaucrat capitalist. You very well know that the Duterte Regime’s much vaunted “whole of nation approach” of the counter-revolutionary plan named OPLAN KAPANATAGAN is doomed to fail. Duterte  will be gone in three years time but the CPP-NPA will remain and  much stronger than before.
PNP in Quezon is in a state of denial or just covering-up their defeat in yesterday's clash with NPA-Quezon