Pride is a protest, a struggle of the oppressed

Translation/s: Iloco

The pride march is celebrated this month of June as a collective people’s action for LGBT rights. It started as a movement of the LGBT against discrimination, in unity with the working class, and also to express solidarity for the LGBT.

LGBTs belong to different democratic social classes such as the peasantry (including the farm workers), proletariat (and those making a living from contractual and odd jobs), peti-bourgeoise (professionals), and national bourgeoise (big local businesses). They too are being exploited by the landlords, comprador bourgeoise and partners of imperialists, and the bureaucrat capitalists who are currently headed by the macho-fascist US-Duterte regime. Aside from the economic and political exploitation, they suffer from extreme discrimination and other forms of oppression brought about by the rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal society.

The Leonardo Pacsi Command, NPA Mt. Province (LPC) with all other units of the New People’s Army led by the CPP, is alongside the LGBT in advancing and defending the LGBT rights. At present, 16% of the red fighters of the LPC are LGBT. The people’s army ensures their economic, political and military rights, including their right to hone and develop their strengths and capacity. The LPC is active in discussing and educating its forces and the masses about the LGBT rights to remould and rectify wrong ideas, and conducts activities such as solidarity night featuring songs, poems and skit on LGBT. The LPC recognizes the LGBT marriage by the CPP as part of their right to love and build revolutionary relationship and family.

The national democratic revolution is being waged to resolve the conflict between the classes and achieve the legitimate demands of the Filipino people, which includes the liberation of the LGBT from all forms of discrimination and oppression until the full recognition of the LGBT rights. The LPC encourages all LGBT to heighten the struggle by participating in the people’s war and joining the NPA.

Pride is a protest, a struggle of the oppressed