Prioritize healthcare system instead of arming force multipliers, NDF-Negros spox

The National Democratic Front (NDF) – Negros in a statement strongly opposed and denounced Duterte’s proposal of arming civilian groups in aid of police operations, a call the President stated during the launch of the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) Global Coalition of Lingkod Bayan Advocacy support groups and force multipliers last June 25.

“Arming government force multipliers is a clear admission of Duterte, the PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) incompetence in solving criminality perpetrated by their own state forces. Arming them does not address the root cause of criminality but will further aggravate the human rights situation in the Philippines,” said Ka Bayani Obrero, NDF-Negros spokesperson.

Obrero also said that since Duterte came into power, thousands of Filipinos have been illegally arrested, abducted, and worst, killed without a single one seriously investigated and given justice.

Here in Negros, numerous cases of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and detention of activists, critics and ordinary civilians have been reported with the police and military’s routinary “nanlaban” narrative.

NDF-Negros stated that Duterte will certainly weaponize these so-called civilian volunteers against critics of his murderous and rotten regime.

“In this time of pandemic, what the people need right now is a concrete and comprehensive solution to the country’s worsening health crisis. The Duterte regime should prioritize more on free mass testing, pro-active contact tracing, faster vaccine roll out and financial aid for our people,” Obrero added.

Obrero further said that if Duterte is sincere in his intention to ensure the welfare and protection of civilians, he must put an end to his bloody war on drugs and “counter-insurgency” campaign immediately.

“We call on all human rights advocates, communities, victims and families affected by military and police operations, church people and all freedom-loving Negrosanons to collectively oppose and denounce another of Duterte and the PNP’s outright militarist attempt to infringe human rights and fundamental freedoms. Strengthen the broad people’s movement and make Duterte accountable for all his crimes against the Filipino people,” Obrero ended.###

Prioritize healthcare system instead of arming force multipliers, NDF-Negros spox