Quarrying sanctioned, ISU agent ambushed in back-to-back NPA operations in North Negros


Operatives of the New People’s Army Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front (RJPC-NPA) carried out back-to-back military operations on April 12 and 13, 2021 and punished members and agents of the local ruling elite, landlord class and fascist army who are notorious for inflicting harm to the masses.

On April 12, units of the RJPC-NPA carried out punitive action against the destructive quarry operations of Silay City Mayor Mark Andrew J. Golez. Three backhoes owned and operated by Golez were burned at the quarry site in Hacienda Vista Alegre, Barangay E. Lopez, Silay City. Checkpoints were also simultaneously set up by the RJPC-NPA along the Silay-Patag road.

This is in response to the people’s demand to punish large-scale quarrying operations in the area. Destructive quarrying and other so-called “development projects” of the ruling elite caused the series of flashfloods in Northern Negros which started on New Year’s Day. More than 70,000 people in E.B. Magalona town and the cities of Talisay, Silay, Victorias, Cadiz, Escalante, and San Carlos have been displaced by flooding since January.

On April 13, a team of the RJPC-NPA ambushed Elmer “Neneng” Ortencio, 45, of Hacienda Margarita, Barangay Consing, E.B. Magalona. Ortencio was an active case agent of the 7th Intelligence and Security Unit (ISU) of the Philippine Army based in Camp Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City. Ortencio’s status as a legitimate military target was further affirmed by identification cards and ISU mission orders which were seized by RJPC operatives in his possession. The NPA also confiscated a .38 caliber revolver with ammunition, a cellular phone, and a handheld radio. Aside from open membership in military-backed counter-revolutionary groups, Ortencio also gained notoriety as a double-dealing encargado and farm labor contractor working for some big landlords and arrendadors in EB Magalona and Victorias City.

These back-to-back actions are the RJPC’s answer to the people’s clamor for justice amid widespread hardship and brutal repression imposed by the US-Duterte regime. The RJPC-NPA actively heeds the call of the Communist Party to intensify tactical offensives against fascist criminals and enemies of the people.

These actions were successfully carried out even in conjunction with combat and psywar operations of the 79th IB, their CAA paramilitaries, and the local police, due to the people’s warm support to the NPA. We thank the masses for their militance and courage. Together with the fighting people of North Negros, the NPA continues to surmount the odds as we advance the people’s war.

Quarrying sanctioned, ISU agent ambushed in back-to-back NPA operations in North Negros