Rally behind the Venezuelan people amid looming US military invasion

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) calls on the Filipino people and all democratic forces across the world to unite and rally behind the Venezuelan people in their resistance against relentless US interventionism and a looming invasion by US military forces.

The CPP and all revolutionary forces of the Philippines condemn the Trump government for heightened intervention and subversion in Venezuela that aim to overthrow the recently re-elected Maduro government and installing a puppet regime through its local puppet oligarchs.

The Trump government and US big capitalists have long sought to remove President Nicolas Maduro who has vowed to continue the Bolivarian revolution for national liberation and uphold the legacy of his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

For years, it has subjected Venezuela to economic sanctions to isolate the country in the vain hope of making its bend to US dictates. Last year, an attempt at Maduro’s life was carried out using bomb-carrying drones.

The US government has orchestrated a campaign to discredit the Maduro government and its democratic reelection last year. It has used American big media to paint a false image of crisis, hunger and desperation in Venezuela. This same tactic of manipulating public opinion was also applied by the US prior to its invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Local oligarchs who control big business have been conniving with the US imperialists in causing social and political chaos in Venezuela by mounting violent demonstrations and riots. They have attempted a US-supported power grab since the third week of January. They have received funds, political support and diplomatic recognition from the US government and its allies.

However, their attempt to usurp political power has largely failed as the Venezuelan people have mounted counter-demonstrations in very large numbers securing the Maduro government. In retaliation, the US and its allies have freezed Venezuela’s gold and other assets aside from other unilateral sanctions.

In desperation, the US and its local puppets plan to mount direct US military invasion in the guise of calling on the US military to deliver 200 tons of “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela through its borders to be combined with demonstrations towards the end of the week. The absurdity of this plan is quickly revealed by the fact that Venezuela has actually received 900 tons of food and medicine from Russia, China and other countries.

At the core of the US government’s obsession to remove the Maduro government is its aim to take back control of the oil resources of Venezuela. Since 2002, the Venezuelan oil industry has been nationalized and its resources used to provide the people with free health, housing and education services. The Venezuelan and US big capitalists desperately seek to wrest back control of the Venezuela’s oil industry and oil reserves, the biggest in the world.

The revolutionary forces in the Philippines renew their support to the Venezuelan people in their resistance against US imperialist intervention and subversion.

They support the working people and democratic classes in Venezuela in their defense of national sovereignty and in defense of the Maduro government. They call for an end to US imperialist hegemonism and call on all democratic forces to crush the subversion of the reactionary oligarchs and completely overthrow their economic and political power.

Rally behind the Venezuelan people amid looming US military invasion