Reaction to Lorenzana’s anti-peace talks policy declaration

Gen. Lorenzana, defense secretary, has elaborated the anti-peace talks policy of
the Duterte regime. In a piece entitled “The Public Should Know” attributed to
him, he cites eight reasons “why we will stop Peace Negotiations.” Indeed, for
quite a while now, it has been Lorenzana, who has in fact, been defining the
Duterte regime’s true anti-peace policy based on his one-track militarist

To Lorenzana and his ilk of fascists, including Duterte himself, the only
solution to the civil war in the country is the military solution. This is the
old 1930s dogma promoted by the US military, who sees profit in every war it
instigates and foments.

Lorenzana is a war promoter and consummate militarist. He wants no non-military
end to the civil war in the Philippines. He fears losing significance if the
present civil war in the country is settled politically through peace
negotiations. To him, the only solution is to recruit more and more soldiers to
the AFP in order to lay siege on thousands of barrios nationwide and sow terror
among the people. To the broad masses of workers and peasants, Duterte,
Lorenzana and the AFP, are the real terrorists.

Lorenzana, who once served as the military attache in Washington, is a big US
military sales agent in the Philippine government (recall how he rejected the
5,000 AKs from China for the AFP and disposed it to the PNP). He is the zealous
US sentry that ensures that the AFP will always remain as the key pillar of US
hegemonism in the Philippines.

Reaction to Lorenzana's anti-peace talks policy declaration