Red salute to Ka David and Ka Em-em, Revolutionary Martyrs


The Red commanders and fighters, and the entire revolutionary forces of North Eastern Mindanao Region (NEMR), renders its red salute to Kevin “Ka David” A. Banggan, Jimson “Ka Em-Em” C. Pecato and civilian Darwin Tejero – revolutionary martyrs!

Since Ka David and Ka Em-Em joined the New People’s Army, they learned from their revolutionary tasks that molded them into being disciplined and sincere in implementing their tasks and concern for their comrades and the masses. They were noble children of the masses who passionately and sincerely served the people.

Above all, they valiantly faced the demented enemy to protect and defend the wellbeing of the masses and the revolutionary movement.

Last September 7, an armed encounter happened in the mountain area of Sitio Gacob, Brgy. Hinapuyan, Carmen, Surigao del Sur between operating troops of the 36th IBPA and Ka David’s group. Ka David was shot but he first guaranteed the safety of his Red fighter comrades. Despite the effort of the Red fighters to rescue Ka David, they failed as the attacking enemy forces were just about 2 meters away. A sergeant from the enemy was killed and two were wounded.

According to Ka David’s comrades, he was still alive when he was captured by the enemy forces. Instead of providing first aid as his right as a hors d’combat (unable to fight back as defined in the rules of war), he was tied and left to die by the coldhearted fascists. Worst, instead of taking his dead body for proper burial, they threw and hid him in the cliff while the enemy continued with their operations, resulting in the inability of the Red fighters to rescue him. They were only able to find the rattan used to tie him, his watch, bracelet and shawl at the area of the incident. Several days after, Ka Sandara, spokesperson of Front 30, said that Ka David might have been captured by the enemy and demanded that he should be shown. Still, a month passed after their military operation before the 36th IBPA revealed the decomposed dead body of Ka David.

Meanwhile, Ka Em-Em died in an encounter in August against 29th IBPA forces in Sitio Cogonon, Brgy. Tagmamarkay, Tubay, Agusan del Norte. Before she died, Ka Em-em showed exceptional bravery with her leading a group of Red fighters to strike the demented enemy forces. Ka Em-Em bravely faced the enemy to defend the interest of the masses and the revolution against the dark designs of the fascists.

The actions of the AFP forces clearly disregarded and violated human rights, the International Humanitarian Law and other international rules of war.

Ka David and Ka Em-em were true members of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) until their last breaths. They did not easily relinquish the honor and prestige of the Party and the NPA amidst the sacrifices they encountered. They were revolutionaries who truly loved and served the people.

The civilian Darwin Tejero was killed on the first week of October in Sitio Palilihan, Brgy. Mahanob, Gigaquit, Surigao del Norte after being struck by the indiscriminate bombings and strafing of attack helicopters near a community, in support of the attacking mercenary forces of the 30th IBPA.

The bravery and strength displayed by Ka David and Ka Em-Em belies the fabrications and falsehoods mouthed by the US-Duterte regime and fascist AFP/PNP that Red fighters no longer abide by the correct principles. Instead, they sacrificed their lives for the revolution and the people they served. They chose to die while fighting instead of surrendering to the fascist US-Duterte regime. Their exemplary commitment can never be attained by the fascist forces of the AFP/PNP. The AFP/PNP, as mercenaries and reactionary soldiers, serve only the exploitative and oppressive classes of big bourgeoisie, land lords and US imperialists.

Ka David and Ka Em-Em might have died, but their deaths will inspire and intensify the morale and commitment of thousands of Red fighters and the youth to advance the national democratic revolution towards total victory. Like other martyrs of the revolution, Ka David and Ka Em-Em’s sacrifice and the death of Darwin, will further advance the people’s war towards the achievement of its goal of a socialist society.

Long live memory of Ka David and Ka Em-Em!

Love live the struggling people!

Long live the democratic revolution!

Red salute to Ka David and Ka Em-em, Revolutionary Martyrs