Red salute to Romeo “Ka Marlon” Nabas

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The Bohol Party Committee-Communist Party of the Philippines gives its highest revolutionary salute to Romeo “Ka Marlon” Nabas and four other comrades.

Ka Marlon hails from a family of lower middle peasants and natives of Rizal, Batuan.

Ka Marlon started his involvement with the revolutionary movement in 1984, during the time that the revolutionary movement was establishing ground in the province. He was part of the Propaganda Organizing Committee (POT) which operated in the interior parts of Bohol. He became part of the Communist Party of the Philippines in 1985.

During the period of opportunist errors, he bravely stood ground in carrying out the Second Great Rectification Movement.

Ka Marlon is one of the cadres who helped establish guerrilla fronts in Bohol (F1 and F4), Cebu (F5), Negros (Southeast Front). He made great contributions in strengthening the armed struggle and establishing the revolutionary mass base in the said provinces, including the successfull no-shots-fired raid of the RMG headquarter in Rizal, Batuan, Bohol in 1999.

In 2010, Ka Marlon was captured by fascist enemy troops in Bacolod, Negros Occidental. He endured torture, physical abuse and was imprisoned until 2012. But because of his firm commitment and spirit to serve the people, he dauntlessly faced enemey’s cruelty. After his release, he marched back to the revolutionary path.

He became part of the Regional Committee of Negros Island and consequently of the combined Negros and Central Visayas regions—-NCBS (Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor) Regional Party Committee—in 2016. Ka Marlon became a commanding officer of the 2nd SDG in Negros Island on the same year. He was one of the cadres tasked and deployed to Bohol for the Party’s reestablishment and strengthening of armed struggle in 2017. He was assigned as Deputy Secretary of the Bohol Party Committee and commanding officer of the Provincial Operational Command of the NPA-Bohol.

Ka Marlon is one of five martyred comrades who heroically fought for the people to their last breath in the half-hour firefight last May 25 in Barangay Cabacnitan, Bilar.

Ka Marlon along with the other four comrades were not afraid to lose their lives in the face of the enemy. He may no longer be with us, but his contributions and his legacy will always be remembered.

We should not be afraid. Let us be inspired by the indubitable spirit that invigorated Ka Marlon to serve the people for 37 years as well as other comrades to offer their lives to the people’s cause.

Red salute to Romeo "Ka Marlon" Nabas