Regarding fake news published by

In a news item entitled “Joma admits advising Leni,” the website JournalNews Online claimed that Ang Bayan, the CPP’s official news organ, published a statement of Prof. Jose Ma. Sison where he supposedly “admitted” serving as adviser to Vice President Leni Robredo and her spokesperson Barry Gutierrez.

There was never such a news item published in Ang Bayan. Prof. Sison has also denied this in a statement published earlier in the Philippine Revolution Web Central.

This is obviously fake news concocted by Marcos in the hope of lending credibility to claims of a “coalition” between the Robredo camp and the CPP in the hope of consolidating the support of the anti-communist military and police officers for Marcos.

The tactic of red-baiting against Robredo and her supporters is also laying the basis for intensifying acts of suppression against the broad democratic forces. We note the growing number of arrests against those active in the Robredo campaign being accused of being members or supporters of the NPA.

This is also linked with the repeated statements of Duterte warning of “communist disruption” during the elections, which will likely be used to step up the attacks against Robredo’s supporters as the May 9 election approaches.

Regarding fake news published by