Reject Duterte “election disruption” scenario for martial law

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The tyrant Duterte has joined in chorus with Sen. Panfilo Lacson in whipping up the bogey of “disruption during the elections” and fabricating stories of “intelligence reports,” “a communist plot” and “alliance with the opposition.” Their duet grates on the Filipino people’s ears.

Duterte is now singing a tune from the Marcos songbook. His statements echo warnings and scenario-building of Ferdinand Marcos made fifty years ago prior to the declaration of martial law in September 21, 1972.

Duterte is rushing to build the scenario of “election disruption” in the face of the increasing political isolation of the ruling regime and growing mass movement against the Marcos-Duterte tandem. The growing anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos movement is developing around the election campaign of leading oppositionists Leni Robredo and Francis Pangilinan.

Duterte’s statements are a reflection of political panic and the growing fear that he might not be able to steal the elections without inciting widespread protests.

The Filipino people must stay alert and guard against Duterte’s false flag operations. His vague words of the possibility of “one, two or three” incidents may indicate plans to carry out some form of violent attacks (bombings or assassinations) which can then lay the blame on the CPP and NPA, and set the stage for mass arrests of members of patriotic and democratic mass organizations and opposition parties, or an open declaration of martial law.

The Filipino people must continue to mount large mass actions to show their protests against the Duterte regime’s bloody suppression, corruption and national treachery, and to fight for their urgent economic demands amid rising fuel prices and seething crisis.

Any plan to disrupt the elections through violent acts will most likely be the handiwork of Duterte himself, who is not a stranger to bloody tactics as evidenced by the drug war killings, the bombing of Marawi, the aerial bombing drive and cold-blooded murder of revolutionaries and activists.

The New People’s Army will continue to wage people’s war in the mountains and countryside and secure and defend the people’s interests against brutal fascist attacks by Duterte’s military and police forces.

Reject Duterte “election disruption” scenario for martial law