Reject the ATC designation of the CPP/NPA

1. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) rejects and challenges the December 9 resolution of Duterte’s Anti-Terror Council (ATC) “designating” the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA) as “terrorists.”

2. The designation by the ATC is a precursor for heightened fascist suppression against the broad democratic forces which are being red-baited and persecuted for fighting Duterte’s tyrannical rule and schemes to perpetuate the Duterte political dynasty. The regime is setting the stage for all-out suppression of democratic rights using “anti-terrorism” as pretext.

3. We can observe some falsehoods and infirmities in the ATC’s “designation” of the CPP/NPA.

– Contrary to its claims, the CPP/NPA is not included in the list of proscribed terrorist organizations of the United Kingdom, not even in its July 17, 2020 updated list (

– Contrary to the ATC resolution, neither is the CPP/NPA included in the updated list of Australia (

– Based on the Anti-Terror Law, the ATC can adopt the terrorist proscription by foreign countries (including that of the United States) if there is a request for designation coming from these jurisdictions. The ATC does not cite any such request made by the US, New Zealand or the European Union.

– The ATC claims that the CPP/NPA were organized with the aim of “overthrow(ing) the duly constituted authorities and seize control of the Philippine Government through armed struggle.” Some legal experts would classify this as rebellion, not terrorism. The ATC does not cite any provision of the ATA pertaining to rebellion or overthrowing of the government.

4. The CPP and the NPA are revolutionary organizations that are fighting for the national and democratic interests of the Filipino people. The CPP and NPA stand against terrorism which involves inflicting violence on unarmed civilians in violation of international humanitarian law.

The national democratic cause of CPP and NPA has long been recognized as legitimate. Its status of belligerency is recognized practically by various countries and international organizations. Recently, the United Nations Secretary General acknowledged the CPP and NPA’s ceasefire declaration issued in respond to the UNSG’s call for a global ceasefire in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. For many years, the Royal Norweigian Government has served as Third Party Facilitator of peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

As a belligerent in the civil war, the NPA formally recognizes and applies the Geneva Conventions in the conduct of its military operations. The NPA’s Three Rules of Discipline and Eights Points of Attention, which serve as the moral code of its Red fighters, both uphold respect and guarantee for the rights and welfare of the people.

Reject the ATC designation of the CPP/NPA