Repudiate localized peace talks sham and other pacification ploys

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The Bikolano masses will never fall into the trap of divisive localized peace talks, and each and every one of other similar programs goading pacification and surrender. The public knows that this ploy’s ultimate intention is to extinguish the people’s unity and separate them from the only weapon that will ensure genuine liberty – the people’s democratic revolution.

This offer does not differ from US-Duterte regime’s mass surrender campaign ruse under the Enhanced Comprehensive and Local Integration Program (ECLIP) and the bogus amnesty gambit. In fact, previous regimes have already repeatedly propositioned Bikolanos with localized peace talks in the past. However, the masses have constantly refused these offers as they understand that these cannot resolve their long-standing and fundamental demands.

Who would believe that this government has the capacity to provide housing for ‘surrenderees’ when squatter sites remain packed and majority of the poor still has no semblance of any housing security? Who would bite the supposed ‘livelihood cash assistance’ when the regime could not even implement substantial wage increase nor solve the rapid decline of jobs? Who would be fooled by an amnesty proffered by no less than the tyrant masterminding the nanlaban-patay modus operandi and who has no other marching order other than to kill, kill, kill civilians and everyone else who has no capacity to fight back?

The people’s belief that the only way to address their basic demands is through the people’s democratic revolution remains resolute. During its course, the people give their utter support to the NDFP, the only rightful representative of the revolutionary movement and the masses in engaging the GPH in peace negotiations.

The masses comprehend that beyond the veneer of localized peace talks and surrender campaign lies the current regime and those who aspire to be in power’s bid to escape from the public clamor for a proper and genuine peace negotiations. NDF-Bikol calls on whoever shall be seated after the 2022 elections to prioritize the peace talks so that the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms can move forward and rampant poverty be addressed in the country.

When it comes to this kind of peace negotiations that abide by all the previously signed agreements between CPP-NPA-NDF and GRP, the revolutionaries are always open to the possibility of reviving the peace talks. Any ploy or scheme that shall circle, avoid and undermine these will only be surely rejected by the people.

Above all, in the end, by waging a just people’s war, the power to attain genuine freedom from poverty remains in the hands of the masses.

Repudiate localized peace talks sham and other pacification ploys