Resolutely advance the people’s war to resist the fascist US-Duterte regime

On the 48th commemoration of the declaration of Marcos’ Martial Law, the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command New People’s Army Negros Island calls on the Filipino masses to resist the new Martial Law of the Duterte regime.

The number one terrorist in this country is Duterte and his imperialist masters. The Duterte regime has overshadowed Marcos’ legacy of gross human rights violation and plunder. Duterte’s thirst for blood is insatiable as he wage his war against the people. Duterte and his fascist military and police continue to step up further various extra-judicial killings, harassment, torture, baseless arrests, red-tagging and trumped-up criminal cases against the people. There is no one to blame but the Duterte regime over the series of killings and culture of impunity.

The reactionary armed force of the Duterte regime is unleashing terror over the people of Negros. The additional military troops in the island through Memorandum Order 32 only meant more human rights violation and even killings of innocent civilians. Coupled with Executive Order 70, the regime has made Negros its “killings fields” where he mercilessly launched Oplan Sauron and Operation Bran Stark. It already claimed the lives of more than 90 individuals and gross neglect of human rights.

The Duterte government’s inept response to the Covid19 pandemic has only added the burden and sacrifice for the Filipino masses. What the government has done so far is to to go on a borrowing binge and pocket the large amounts of money. To appease the public, they present token programs yet they remain deaf and blind to the demand of the people for improved public health and economic aide. Due to the corona and Duterte virus, we are facing a worst crisis in the economy and public health.

In actual facts, it is the tyrant Duterte and his reactionary armed forces that have actually become the best recruiters for the NPA, and are daily compelling the Filipino masses to take up arms and join the NPA. The NPA is fighting a just war and it becomes even more just as it confronts a brutal and tyrannical regime.

As the true army of the people, the NPA will continue to heed the call for justice for all the victims of state-sponsored killings. The day of reckoning is near for the fascist dogs as the NPA is always ready to punish the most rabid police, military and paramilitary forces to defend the people. Even the dictator wannabe who sits in Malacañang will not be in power for long. The NPA will continue to launch all-out offensives to end the reign of terror of the Duterte regime. ###

Resolutely advance the people’s war to resist the fascist US-Duterte regime