Resolutely overcome conservatism to further advance and achieve more victories!

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Red salute and greetings from the Party Committee in NorthEastern Mindanao Region (NEMR) to all the Red commanders and Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA), cadres and Party members, especially in their life and death struggle against this year’s intensified enemy attacks. We salute their effective self-defense and brave resistance against sustained enemy attacks since March 2020 until March 2021.

On this occasion, we also honor all those martyred this year, especially the Comrades hit by the bombings. It was an unfamiliar experience for us, since 2001 with the re-establishment of NEMR after merging with NCMR, that advanced bombers (FA-50) and drones were used (against us).

The extensive AFP/PNP operations using modern aerial bombing equipment in 2020, failed. Not a single platoon or guerilla front was destroyed by the sustained widespread military operations. There were platoons whose forces decreased but it has since recovered, increased once again their own platoons.

On the first half of 2020, the AFP/PNP and executioner US-Duterte regime declared focusing annihilative military operations in NEMR.

It augmented AFP troops now totaling six (6) full battalions and two (2) companies (coy) from other battalions. The 901st brigade command was added. The 29th IB PA, 36th IB PA and 30th IB PA were put under the command of the 901st brigade. These battalions were already deployed in NEMR under the command of a brigade from Cagayan de Oro City. The 901st brigade came from Luzon and is now based in Santa Cruz, Placer, Surigao del Norte. It is not known if said brigade brought its own DRC unit.

The 401st brigade was already concentrating in NEMR, another battalion, the 65th IB PA, was added in Agusan del Sur and the 75th IB PA was deployed in Surigao del Sur from Front 14 and parts of the Southern Mindanao Region (SMR). The entire 3rd Special Forces Battalion (SFB) is currently also under the 401st brigade. The 67th IB PA is in District II in Surigao del Sur and in some parts of Agusan del Sur. A company from the 25th IB and another from 26th IB are in NEMR. The main forces of the 25th IB is in SMR and the 26th IB in neighboring North Central Mindanao Region (NCMR). The 401st brigade have a DRC. Just recently, the 67th IB was replaced by the 48th IB but it is still not known if the entire 48th IB is in NEMR.

In total, there are two (2) brigades and under these, six (6) full battalions and two (2) companies, two (2) DRC and PNP forces, in NEMR. The AFP forces are positioned in the barrios and communities inside guerilla fronts. There are about 144 CAFGU detachments and twenty (20) Coy HQ camps. There are also forces implementing CSP.

In 2020, upon the deployment of the two (2) brigades in the region, it was monitored that there was an increase in the number of spotters actively looking for footprints and markers of areas where Comrades set up camps, for the enemy to know the temporary camps of the NPA forces. These were accompanied by concentrated aerial surveillance using drones.

Last year we were startled by two (2) incidents of aerial bombings, a new experience in our battle against the executioner US-Duterte regime. In the past years we were bombarded by canons (105 howitzer) and aerial bombers (MG-520, OV10 Broncho, SF-260), which failed to damage us and the farmers in the communities. In short, no temporary camp was hit, thus no one was killed, wounded on our side.

In the two (2) incidents when aerial bombings hit two (2) temporary camps of NPA forces in Surigao del Sur, it was assessed that the primary reason was that enemy spies/assets were able to enter or be close to the camps, aside from the drones that were constantly flying over the area and the camps. But, four (4) other aerial bombing incidents failed to hit Comrades. Comrades were able to leave or transfer from the targeted camp for bombing and there were three (3) incidents that abandoned camps were bombed. Aside from these we went through thirty six (36) defensive actions that resulted to the death of Comrades and there were defensive actions that NPA forces were able to kill/wound attacking AFP forces.

This means that NPA forces learned the bombing methods and were able to adjust to the sustained, widespread enemy operations. We also learned to move in the areas within CAFGU detachments and camps of AFP companies.

Amidst the enemy’s sustained largescale military operations, the initiative of the NPA forces were not curtailed. It was able to launch four (4) successful tactical offensives which confiscated high caliber firearms. But these attacks were one (1) in Surigao del Norte and three (3) in Surigao del Sur and only sniping/harassment actions were launched in Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte. These show that military conservatism and conservatism in effecting other tasks of the NPA have not been totally surmounted.

We should then resolutely overcome military conservatism and conservatism in other fields to further advance and achieve more victories.

All NPA platoons and formations must launch successful tactical offensives that will confiscate high caliber firearms. We must continue to make the enemy bleed by launching widespread sniping/harassment actions against specific targets that wound or kill.

We must quickly learn to move in areas with CAFGU detachments and AFP camps, be creative in our propaganda work and in organizing barrios to counter the terror spread by the enemy. We must build and unite the fighting spirit of the oppressed and exploited against those that spread terrorism among the people. The united call of the people for the needed social services to fight CoVID 19 must be intensified, especially in demanding free vaccination.

The NPA must persistently develop the launching of anti-feudal struggles and agrarian revolution with farmers, to relieve the economic conditions of the people, to solve food scarcity and attain good health to fight and protect against COVID 19.

We must be creative in the various styles and methods of recruiting the youth to the NPA and firmly guard against bad elements from joining our troops.

We must be creative and be full of initiative in uniting thousands of people against Duterte, the AFP and PNP’s terrorism.

All these can only be achieved by NPA forces if it will be firm in ideology which is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), adhere to its political line – the People’s Democratic Revolution (PDR) and firmly implement its organizational line – democratic centralism. Above all, every NPA fighter and unit must consciously follow and practice the NPA’s military discipline.

Unite to oust the terrorist Duterte!

Punish the executioner AFP/PNP!

Long live the NPA on its 52nd anniversary!

Long live the struggling people!

Join the New People’s Army!

Resolutely overcome conservatism to further advance and achieve more victories!