Retort to Gen. Doyaoen’s ridiculous accusations against the NPA

Brigadier General Henry Doyaoen’s recent fabricated claims of continued recruitment of minors by the NPA in the Cordillera is a worn-out black propaganda of the fascist AFP-PNP and a hopeless effort to besmirch the NPA. To prove his point, Doyaoen said they have a 35 year old surrenderee whom he did not identify and whom he claims was recruited into the NPA at the age of 13. Such cheap gimmicks of the AFP- PNP are “lumang tugtugin” which can never belie the fact that the NPA strictly adheres to the minimum age requirement (18 years old) in recruiting red fighters as stipulated in CPP policies issued as early as 1988. The peasant communities in the NPA’s areas of operation know this all too well as they are continuously educated on the NPA’s recruitment policies and CARHRIHL to ensure that revolutionary mass organizations are properly guided in their efforts to recruit for the NPA.

Doyaoen then hypocritically declared that the AFP aims to rescue “children recruited by communist groups and help them re-integrate into society”. But the people know that children, minors and women often become victims of AFP soldiers and police officers wherever they are deployed. It is a common complaint of peasant communities that minors and even married women become victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, where many get pregnant, by occupying AFP-PNP troops. It can be recalled that the criminal Capt. Danilo Lalin, a member of the 86th IB raped two minors in Cabiten, Mankayan, Benguet last 2012. Earlier, in 2010, a soldier of the

41st IB also raped a minor in barangay Pacoc of Lacub, Abra while residents of Ahin, Tinoc, Ifugao can never forget the gang rape of a 2nd year college student by nine elements of the 69th IB way back 1995. And these are not isolated cases when it comes to the AFP-PNP’s record of abusing children and women in the continuing culture of impunity among uniformed state personnel. Furthermore, countless children and minors have always been among the victims of fascist attacks in peasant communities which include harassments, massacres, forced evacuations, indiscriminate bombings and straffings and other abuses.

Dayaoen deliberately glossed over the glaring fact about the fascist training practice in PMA recently maltreating to death a young cadet. He must also be somewhere in the wonderland for failing to see the tens of thousands of poor young innocent victims in the entire country mercilessly murdered by the fascist police forces’ Oplan Tokhang. His warped reasoning of bogus concern for the youth backfires.

Dayaoen further ridiculously accused that “communist groups are also involved in the use, sale and transport of illegal drugs in the region”. Now look who’s talking. The most recent scandalous revelations on the involvement of PNP officers tagged “Ninja cops” in the illegal drug trade only proves otherwise. It is public knowledge that the AFP-PNP have long been the protectors of big time drug syndicates which explains why, even with the more than 30,000 deaths of mostly innocent victims due to Duterte’s sham war on drugs, shabu and other illegal drugs continue to proliferate in our country. Likewise, it is also common knowledge that the PNP has been in control of the decades old marijuana trade in the Cordillera, which also explains why despite the much publicized yearly “raids” of marijuana plantations in Kalinga and Benguet, the cultivation of marijuana continues to expand in areas mostly controlled by the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army (CPLA), the para-military machinery of the AFP- PNP in the region. Former Generals Rogelio Aguana and Eugene Martin of the PNP have been popularly known to be at the helm of the marijuana business in the Cordillera.

The AFP-PNP’s untiring yet deafening recycled misinformation campaign geared towards demonizing the NPA will never succeed in isolating the NPA from the public because it is the people themselves, especially the peasants, who will stand witness to the real record of the NPA as their true army in its strict adherence to its rules of discipline. Their growing support to the NPA and active participation in the armed revolution is a living testament to this. ###

Retort to Gen. Doyaoen's ridiculous accusations against the NPA