Revolutionary forces of Negros firmly reject and oppose “localized peace talks”

Lately, the illegitimate US-Marcos II regime resurrected the long dead balderdash of conducting “localized peace talks” in place of the national peace negotiations between the NDFP and GRP.

It is a vain and desperate ploy to divide the revolutionary movement and mislead the people on the question of peace negotiations and the struggle for just and lasting peace.

Marcos Jr.’s henchmen at the NTF-Elcac brandished “localized peace talks” as if it is a novel innovation in their arsenal of psychological warfare and chicanery. And it is being rebranded as “local peace engagement” that would allegedly address the so-called specific “dynamic of conflict”.

“Local peace talks” has nothing to do with genuine peace, that is peace based on social justice. It serves only to deodorize the continuing brutal counterrevolutionary war and its attendant murderous campaigns that for years wrecked lives and trampled on people’s fundamental rights. It seeks to destroy the revolution by instigating capitulation as an appendage to armed counterrevolution. Hence, “localized peace talks” is packaged with a duplicitous amnesty program.

Paid hacks in the NTF-Elcac babbled nonsensically about “peace” while people’s socio-economic and political woes at the core remain unattended. As if real peace can be achieved by mere spectacle of showcase projects and palliatives or periodic dole-outs.

It deliberately projected armed struggle as the problem while obscuring the social conditions and crises in the country driving the people to rise up in greater numbers and take up arms. Armed struggle is the answer to these problems and not the other way around.

The civil war between the people’s democratic government and the reactionary state is rooted in the basic problems of the country that is imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism. These have, for more than 70 years, impoverished the Filipino people from all parts of the country and relegated its economy to a backward, agrarian and pre-industrial state.

These fundamental problems could have been addressed in a peaceable manner at the negotiating table between the two belligerent parties while the civil war is ongoing. Limited ceasefire is also possible to give favorable ambiance to the talks. But truce or cessation of hostilities is only attainable only after the comprehensive agreements on the remaining substantive agenda in the peace talks, especially that of socio-economic reforms which is the meat of the negotiations, is forged, approved and subsequently implemented.

In this spirit, the NDFP as the duly representative of all revolutionary forces and organs of political power in the country engaged in a peace negotiation with the GRP since November 1986. Despite so many stumbling blocks and difficulties, it was able to forge numerous agreements beneficial to the people. Foremost among these are the Comprehensive Agreement on the Respect of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and the final draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-economic Reform (CASER).

To claim that peace is attainable in one part of the country without resolving the over-all social problems besetting the Filipino people is pure and simple twaddle.

NTF-ELCAC is pushing for “localized peace talks” to suppress the people’s resistance against the onslaught of “development” aggression of imperialist mega projects. For instance, the mineral-rich lands of Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental inhabited by Magahat-Bukidnon tribes have been target by transnational mining companies for massive extractive activities. These areas are currently under AFP control and heavily militarized.

The revolutionary forces of Negros—from CPP’s regional committee to the branches, NPA’s regional operational command to front operational commands, and NDF’s allied organizations at all levels, firmly reject and oppose “localized peace talks” and will not engage, participate or even recognize such bogus peace undertaking.

If ever such talks is ever held in Negros, NTF-ELCAC will be talking with themselves or maybe with some former revolutionaries-turned traitors and other elements with dubious character misrepresenting the revolutionary movement.###

Revolutionary forces of Negros firmly reject and oppose “localized peace talks”