Revolutionary justice against arrogant AFP and PNP troops and humane treatment for wounded elements who surrendered

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Armando Catapia Command-NPA Camarines Norte’s tactical offensive this March 19, 2021 hits the enemy in the ribs. The victorious action is the result of the Red Army’s effective and efficient mastery of guerilla tactics against large forces of the enemy. The 14 new firearms, along with other military equipment seized by comrades, is an additional force for NPA platoons in the region. The tactical offensive also earned the political praise of middle forces and other sectors.

Revolutionary forces in Bicol also extend their salutations to the Red Army’s humane treatment of three hors de combat on the side of the enemy. This further illustrates the superiority of the ideological and political foundations of the New People’s Army and the keen implementation of discipline based on social consciousness. Through upholding the interests of the people, their survival and human rights, NPA once again has proven that they are the true army of the people.

The reactionary army invests on fear and terror to silence and suppress the people. It is not surprising that the Bikolano masses celebrate the stroke of revolutionary justice achieved for all victims of the puppet US-Duterte regime’s anti-people war. This victory will certainly resound in all corners of the region and the entire country, and will be followed by an intensified people’s struggle that will weaken and frustrate the ravaging of state terrorism in the countryside and the cities.

Within the ranks of the mercenary army, nationalist and pro-people police and military elements begin to become more aware. Disgusted by the culture of violence, impunity and loss of morality promoted by the institution they serve, they are encouraged to help the revolutionary movement. Their officials and top commanders are trigger-happy scamps, but foot soldiers and low officials have not yet forgotten their social class, their history of poverty and oppression, and their promise to truly serve the people.

Statistics factory and lies of the regime cannot hide thi reality: the people continue to struggle! The armed struggle grows stronger with every weapon seized by the NPA. The people’s decisiveness to fight for their survival and their rights become firmer with every victory. The Bicolano masses can expect the revolutionary forces to zealously frustrate and hold the regime accountable for the economic and political tragedies it has caused.

Sa pagkakasararo kan namamanwaan matutungkusan ang teroristang paghahade! Bakong pangatorogan ang pagkalda kan banwaan!

Revolutionary justice against arrogant AFP and PNP troops and humane treatment for wounded elements who surrendered