Revolutionary movement welcomes formation of groups to remove Duterte in 2022

(Utrecht, The Netherlands) The underground revolutionary movement led by the CPP and the NDFP would certainly welcome and cooperate with everyone fighting the Duterte regime, and political formations such as 1Sambayan led by patriotic, democratic and progressive forces should be welcomed.

These points were stressed by Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, chief political consultant of the peace panel of the NDFP, during the launching today via Zoom of his much-awaited book “Upsurge of the People’s Resistance in the Philippines and the World”.

“The firm united front policy of the CPP and the NDFP relies primarily on the basic alliance of workers and peasants, including the middle and national bourgeoisie, thus they are in a position to cooperate with everyone fighting the Duterte regime,” Professor Sison emphasized.

End is near for Duterte

Although Duterte became president because of the support of the US and plunderers like the Marcoses, Estradas, and Arroyos, it would be more difficult for Duterte to stay in power beyond 2022, according to Sison. He said US president Biden could allow Duterte to finish his term provided he keeps his promise to the US to end the revolutionary movement, but that the US’ so-called deep state, which takes care of national security policy, strongly abhors and is deeply worried about China’s incursions in the south China sea and in Philippine military bases, which Duterte has allowed unhindered. This and other indications, Sison said, point that the US is preparing to drop Duterte.

Sison has cautioned “Duterte and his rascals like Parlade, Esperon, Ano and Lorenzana” not to red-tag and malign 1Sambayan because it is an independent formation from the CPP and the NDFP. It is composed of patriotic, progressive and well-meaning Filipinos who are against the corruption, thievery, economic and social negligence and abhorrence to human rights of the Duterte regime.

Sison describes his latest book as a product of his “most productive years in my entire writing life, including those which I participated in building the ideological, political and organizational foundations of the CPP, the New People’s Army, the NDFP, the revolutionary mass organizations and the local organs of political power, constituting the people’s democratic government.”

Sharpening contradictions

In a review of “Upsurge”, Irina Malenko, a Russian Marxist-Leninist, journalist and author and who collaborated with Professor Sison in translating many of his works into Russian, said the publication of the book is “undoubtedly a great event of deep significance for the world’s Marxist Leninist Maoist parties and activists, for all the progressive anti-imperialist forces…… This book provides excellent analysis of the current situation in the world, of the continuous and deepening capitalist crisis, of deepening and sharpening of all the capitalist contradictions and of the possibilities that this situation creates for our struggle for social justice, true democracy, for workers and peoples rights and for our mutual socialist future.”

“There is an expression in English that is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”…..We live indeed “in interesting times” – times of the extremes, of seemingly sheer madness and of what sometimes seems as absurd events. It is important not to become feeling overwhelmed by them, but to subject this environment to a meticulous and calm Marxist analysis. And this is exactly what Prof. Sison is doing in this book. He correctly identifies our time as the period “of the transition to a new era of unprecedented anti-imperialist resistance by the peoples of the world and the resurgence of the world proletarian revolution”. And his analysis and conclusions allow us to see these “interesting times” not just as dark, reactionary times of great upheavals, trials and tribulations, but also as times of great opportunities for enhancing and widening of our struggle and for its ultimate success”, Malenko underscored.

NPA 52nd anniversary

Three Dutch and Filipino youth activists read excerpts from the CPP statement on the New People’s Army 52nd founding anniversary celebrated tomorrow, March 29.


Resurgent global protest movement

Apart from addressing issues on the Duterte regime during the question and answer part of the booklaunching, Sison also tackled the resurgence of workers’ protests, and resistance movements such as the “yellow vest” movement, the Black Lives Matter and anti-racist movements. He said these are indications that the situation in imperialist and advanced capitalist countries are indeed changing. He explained that developed countries can still manage their crises by shifting the burden of their crises to the underdeveloped countries. But he averred that extreme conditions of exploitation and oppression in many underdeveloped countries allow for protracted people’s war to be undertaken in these countries.

He called however, for the formation of genuine communist parties in advanced capitalist countries to be able to have a sustained movement of the proletariat which would forward the struggle to a socialist revolution.
Firmly link with the basic sectors

Luis Jalandoni, chief international representative of the NDFP and former chair of its Peace Panel, called on those who want to end the Duterte regime via the legal and electoral process to try their best to have a strong unity and to firmly link with the basic masses and other oppressed sectors of Philippine society fighting for genuine sovereignty, their democratic rights, welfare, economic prosperity, social justice and genuine peace.

A music video of an album “A divergent war: songs for the pandemic” was shown, which features songs reflecting the heroic struggle of countless health workers in the war against the pandemic, and the Filipino people themselves showing what it means to be human and a Filipino in times of extreme difficulties and crises. (

Coni Ledesma, member of the NDFP peace panel, who emceed the booklaunch, encouraged everyone to read and study and acquire copies of Upsurge of People’s Resistance in the Philippines and the World thru the following, now available in hard and soft copies from international e-publishing outlets:

Apple Books:
Barnes and Noble:

Hard copies are also available at Popular and La Solidaridad bookstores in the Philippines.
Hard copies are also available at the NDF International Information Office in Utrecht, The Netherlands.#

Revolutionary movement welcomes formation of groups to remove Duterte in 2022