Revolutionary taxation is a legitimate function of the People’s Democratic Government


In a recent interview, Brig. Gen. Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd Brigade Commander lashed out and discredited the legitimacy of revolutionary taxation, claiming that ‘the CPP-NPA has no territory’ and as such, they are prepared to pursue the movement when conducting work related to taxation. After innumerable times of outright lies spewed by Pasaporte, this one is no exception.

It can be recalled that the CPP-NPA is recognized by the United Nations as a belligerent government in the Philippines. By definition, this status entails that the CPP has a defined sphere of territories and influence and has an armed force- the NPA. It can thus exercise its inherent right to collect taxation on businesses in its area through its established organs of political power in the People’s Democratic Government.

It is laughable, to say the least, for Pasaporte to claim that the CPP-NPA has no territory when the AFP and PNP under the US-Duterte regime has spent and wasted billions of taxpayer money in its pipedream to contain the People’s war. They have classified areas with NPA influence and even mistakenly declared guerilla fronts as either ‘weakened’ or ‘dismantled’. His claim is nothing short of illogical.

Only fiends like Pasaporte lambast revolutionary taxation. The masses enjoy free social services like medical aid and education from these. Taxation by the reactionary government, on the other hand, is ridden with corruption transferred as ill-gotten wealth to politicians, lump sums of pork barrel enjoyed by favored officials and allies, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. It can be expected, too, that the P5 trillion budget, with billions allotted for the AFP and NTF-ELCAC, will only be used for electioneering and worse human rights violations in anticipation of a dirty election season next year. ###

Revolutionary taxation is a legitimate function of the People's Democratic Government