RJPC-NPA Denies Armed Encounter in Brgy. Minapasuk, Calatrava

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The Roselyn Jean Pelle Command – Northern Negros Guerilla Front of the New People’s Army (RJPC-NPA) denies the allegation of the 303rd Infantry Brigade that an armed clash occurred between the 79th Infantry Battalion (79th IB-PA) and RJPC-NPA on June 22, 2022 around 6 o’clock in the morning in Purok Puting Bato, Sitio Tinibiangan, Barangay Minapasuk, Calatrava. No unit of RJPC-NPA was operating on the said location at the time of the alleged encounter.

On a radio interview aired on the same day, Brigadier General Inocencio Pasaporte, 303rd IBde Commanding Officer, made an outright lie that during 79th IB-PA’s combat operation, the said reactionary troop made a clash with about 10 elements of RJPC-NPA for about 15 minutes and retreated to the mountainous portion of the said barangay. On a separate interview, Pasaporte reiterated that the Northern Negros Guerilla Front was long dismantled and only the remnants of the said front wishes to penetrate the said barangay.

RJPC-NPA contradicts such statements of Pasaporte and reiterates that no Red fighter was in that area during the claimed armed encounter. The truth is, 79th IB-PA was monitored in the mountainous Sitio Ekogan of the same barangay since last week of May 2022 and has conducted military operation in sitios Ekogan, Victory, Wingsing, Nabaisan, among others. Days before the supposed encounter, the salaried troops have reached sitios Tinibiangan, Kapanuyan and Palala.

Pasaporte must have been pressured with his higher ups to put together RJPC-NPA’s successive tactical offensives despite his fabricated claims that the RJPC-NPA was long dismantled; as such he gives high regards to his humbug subordinates without verification of submitted reports.

With AFP’S reliable intelligence network, such a claim of dismantled NPA guerilla front do not need a prolonged and costly company-sized military operation.

On an investigation conducted by the RJPC-NPA, reports of human rights violations (HRVs) perpetrated by reactionary uniformed troops, 79th IB-PA in particular, amidst their operation. A number of helpless civilians were physically assaulted by elements of such paid military. Incidents of threat and intimidation, including death threat, were also recorded. During the presumed encounter, frightened civilians were threatened by 79th IB-PA that their homes will be bombed or they will be tagged as NPAs should they not evacuate immediately. By the time they evacuated, enemy troops freely ransacked the homes and stole farm animals. A farm house was also burned down by the fascist elements. To confine the issues, the perpetrators hindered the victims to report and make blotter entries to proper authorities.

History tells us that human rights violations perpetrated by the reactionary AFP are a great way to increase the number of the revolutionary NPA. Defenseless HRV victims, as well as terrorized residents, are driven to take the revolutionary path, either as a full-time NPA combatant or trusted mass base leaders.

Despite claim of being dismantled, RJPC-NPA is welcomed with arms wide-open by the masses in their homes. Despite numerous hocus-pocus of massive surrenders, declaration of persona non grata, among others, Red commanders and fighters of RJPC-NPA continue to fulfill its duties in serving the people as much they can in consideration with the current situation. With the absolute leadership of the Party and skillful assistance of the great masses, RJPC-NPA is not dismantled and still intact.

The cover-up stories, false claims and twisted acts are all laughably entangled that one supposed dismantled guerilla front was in a supposed armed encounter with a voluminous company-sized AFP troops. These show the sky-high desperation of Pasaporte and his subordinate, Lieutenant Colonel J-jay Javinez (79th IB-PA Commanding Officer) as their deadline to destroy the whole revolutionary movement comes near as US-Duterte regime comes to an end.

RJPC-NPA is calling all patriotic within the ranks of the uniformed personnel to unite with revolutionary forces in rendering genuine service to the people. RJPC-NPA welcomes those who are tired following marching orders of targeting civilians and those burned-out making up fake news and stories.

RJPC-NPA challenges the Commission on Human Rights and all human rights group to conduct an independent investigation on the fake encounter and rights violations during the combat operation.

RJPC-NPA calls on all media outlets in Negros Island to get factual news reports straight from the affected civilian’s mouth and give malice to what has been submitted to your respective offices, especially by the fake news peddler AFP troops. Our claims can also be subjected to your separate investigation.

Furthermore, RJPC-NPA calls on all the Filipino people, especially of Northern Negros, to expose all rights violation and oppose militarization of your community.

RJPC-NPA Denies Armed Encounter in Brgy. Minapasuk, Calatrava