ROC-NPA salutes all Red commanders and Red fighters on the 52nd anniversary of the NPA!

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We salute all the platoons, units, staff and Red commanders and Red fighters of the NPA, and members of the people’s militia in the barrios.

This year we went through life and death struggle due to the intensified attacks of Duterte’s tyrannical government, along with intense terrorism spread by the AFP/PNP. Through our years of facing and countering enemy attacks, it was only recently that we experienced being hit, seven (7) Comrades were killed when two temporary camps were struck. At first, we were caught by surprise but we overcame these. We overcame when we understood the capability of modern aerial bombers and learned the reasons why the two (2) temporary camps were hit.

We changed our method of work and how we fight the enemy in the face of the mercenary US-Duterte, AFP and PNP’s use of modern aerial bombers. It is appropriate that we immediately change our method of work and patiently learn the actions and methods of the enemy to our advantage.

Amidst enemy attacks we were able to launch four (4) tactical offensives which confiscated high caliber firearms. But not all provinces were able to do this, these only happened in Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. We have not been able to totally overcome military conservatism and conservatism in all fields of work. We should do everything possible to overcome conservatism in all areas.

All platoons, units and formations must persist to launch successful tactical offensives, to confiscate high caliber firearms. Through these we will be stronger and we can arm the people ready to fight the enemy, especially the members of the people’s militias. Let us develop further our tactics in sniping/harassment against AFP/PNP forces to make them bleed.

Let us strengthen our units and formations with iron military discipline to effectively counteract the enemy attacks and avoid defensive situations. If we encounter defensive conditions, we must rapidly frustrate the enemy and reverse the defensive conditions to offensive to kill the enemy.

Persist in building strong unity within our formations for effective unity with the oppressed and exploited people, by creative mass work. Through this we can build the people’s strength against the Duterte tyranny and the terrorized people will unite to oust Duterte.

Let us be creative in our recruitment, especially among the youth in the barrios and cities to continue to increase our platoons and the NPA in our region. Be alert and careful in our recruitment to prevent bad elements from joining us.

Overcome military conservatism!

Launch successful tactical offensives!

Make the enemy bleed through sniping!

Unite to oust US-Duterte!

Long live the NPA in its 52nd anniversary!

Long live the struggling people!

Join the New People’s Army!

ROC-NPA salutes all Red commanders and Red fighters on the 52nd anniversary of the NPA!