Rotten to the core

The spate of brutal shootouts between Philippine Army, PNP and paramilitary members happening either inside their detachments or while on operations highlights one thing: that the AFP and PNP are rotten to the core characterized by their mercenary tradition abetted by the reigning culture of impunity!

These are not isolated cases. Similar and frequent cases in the recent past cannot just be dismissed and therefore highlight the bankruptcy and rottenness of the reactionary security forces.

The following incidents speak for themselves:

In the Army-CAA Detachment at Sitio Mong-ol, Barangay Maguyepyep, Sallapadan, Abra, two CAFGU members were killed by their fellow paramilitary members inside their detachment last August 15, 2019 before mid day due to a simple issue of “golden kuhol” viand which they did not know how to apportion among themselves. The thing is, their army corrupt officers pocketed their measly allowances. To cover up the fiasco, the 24th IB army officers ordered their men and CAFGU militia men to stage a mock battle and made a preposterous report that their camp was attacked by members of the NPA.

In the Regional Mobile Police Battalion patrol base at Banaue, Ifugao last Sept 29, two police officers were killed by their fellow policeman for a simple misunderstanding among themselves on the flimsiest of reasons.

Much earlier, on March 20, a unit of the 50th IB on patrol mis-encountered a group of CAFGUs whom the army sent out for an advance reconnaisance within the boundary of Barangays Buaya and Mabaca, both of Balbalan, Kalinga. One army man was sacrificed in the misencounter. To save face, the 50th IB army officers made it appear as an encounter between their troops and a unit of the NPA, and reported 1 M16 captured, all of which would surely be used for promotion and monetary awards.

These are trademarks of the reactionary military and police forces whom the tyrant Duterte has favored and coddled to enforce his pipe-dream of Ending the Local Communist Armed Conflict before his term expires on 2022. These reactionary armed units, thrown into the doom of battle, have no regard at all for the respect of human rights and international humanitarian laws and bear a culture of impunity emboldened by their Commander-in-Chief’s taunts and tirades against the revolutionary forces and anyone opposed to his tyrannical rule. Thus, these rampaging troops inflict untold hardships among the peasants in the countryside and progressive legal organizations in the urban areas. But Duterte and his cohorts make no mistake, that the Filipino people including the national minorities of the Cordillera are rising in numbers, resisting and fighting his brutal rule.

The Cordillera People’s Democratic Front and its allied revolutionary mass organizations, together with the masses in the region and the entire nation, are determined to oust this dreaded regime and advance the national democratic revolution to a higher level until final victory. ##

Rotten to the core