Rumors of Ka Joma’s death circulated by NTF-Elcac

Since around three days ago, the NTF-Elcac and its army of trolls on Facebook and Twitter, have been circulating rumors of the passing away of Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, the CPP’s founding chair. They desperately wish to whip up a frenzy but have succeeded only in making themselves look like fools.

Ka Joma has denied these rumors and described them as “greatly exaggerated”, paraphrasing Mark Twain.

The fascist zealots have long had a death wish for Ka Joma because of his strident communist views and promotion of the Filipino people’s national and democratic aspirations.

Ka Joma marks today his 83rd birthday. The tens of thousands of communists and revolutionary fighters, patriots and democrats in the Philippines wish Ka Joma good health and many more years of intellectual and practical work for the Filipino and international proletariat and all oppressed and exploited classes.

Rumors of Ka Joma's death circulated by NTF-Elcac