Salute to the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front on its 34th anniversary! — NDF-ST

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Southern Tagalog extends its warmest greetings to the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front on its 34th founding anniversary. NDFP-ST and its allied organizations salute the revolutionary people of the Cordillera region for their unwavering commitment to carry forward the people’s democratic revolution despite the intensifying fascist attacks of the US-Duterte regime and the mercenary AFP-PNP against the people and the revolutionary movement.

Celebrating the 34th anniversary of the CPDF is a must amidst the current public health crisis and the imposition of Duterte’s de facto Martial Law in the whole country. This occasion reminds us of the victories gained in united struggle waged by the Cordillera people for the past three decades against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. Further, it adds fuel to our desire to bring the revolution to victory.

The continuing and valiant struggle of the Cordillera people against foreign, large-scale destructive mining, dam projects, eco-tourism and other forms of development aggression has been a source of inspiration to the people of ST especially the indigenous communities in the region. We support and stand with them in their call for the defense of ancestral lands and the cessation of plunder of our natural resources. Like the Cordillera people, the indigenous peoples in Mindoro, Palawan, Rizal and Quezon have consistently fought bourgeois compradors and bureaucrat capitalists eager to invade and appropriate ancestral lands to satisfy capitalist interests.

The common struggle for land and democratic rights and our aspiration for a prosperous and just society bind and unite revolutionary forces from all corners of the land. This bond and unity becomes ever stronger as we collectively confront the current COVID-19 outbreak and continue grappling with the crises of a semi-colonial and semifeudal system. Our unity and determination strikes fear at the core of the Duterte regime which is becoming weaker and ever more desperate as its failings are exposed to the public. As we commemorate the CPDF’s anniversary, let us persevere in uniting all progressive forces with the oppressed classes to create the broadest front that will face the onslaught of the new coronavirus and ensure the well-being of the Filipino people—and more importantly, amplify the people’s call for the immediate removal of the corrupt, inutile and fascist US-Duterte regime from power. ###

Salute to the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front on its 34th anniversary! -- NDF-ST