Sara Duterte’s fascist aspirations compel the people to join the armed revolution


Instead of adequate economic recovery, Sara Duterte and running-mate Bongbong Marcos’ platforms focus on the perpetuation of the oppressive war and militarization. Duterte’s juniora presses for mandatory military service and trainings and the molding of youth as mercenaries instead of creating jobs and opportunities for them. If elected as vice-president, she also plans to head the Department of National Defense and supervise the military. Prioritizing the military agenda and continuing her father’s dictatorial ambitions in the face of worsening poverty and starvation are but glimpses to an even more ominous future awaiting the country in the hands of the Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte alliance.

The said proposals of the younger Duterte is part of her plans to win the backing of the imperialist US and the military’s continued support. The Marcos-Duterte candidacy aim for the retention of the staggering military funding and gorge on its spoils along with AFP-PNP officials while consolidating these officials’ loyalties.

The military’s doggedness to campaign their candidacy is painfully predictable. The election of Marcos and Duterte means the unrestricted intensification of redtagging and civilian killings, suppression of rights and civil liberties, aerial bombings and the waste of public funds to indulge the military and police.

As early as this period, the people must thwart the proposals for mandatory military service, ROTC training and other fascist schemes put forward by the Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte candidacy.

The Marcos-Duterte tandem will surely worsen the conditions of oppression and exploitation in its plan to continue and intensify the state’s fascism and terrorism. With this impending doom, instead of joining the reactionary army, the public especially the youth are compelled to take up arms and join the revolution. They are inclined to choose the struggle for their democratic interests instead of being forced to become murderers and agents of the ruling class under the veil of sham nationalism.

Sara Duterte’s fascist aspirations compel the people to join the armed revolution