SBC-BHB Albay’s harassment operation in Jovellar is BHB’s response to JTFB’s intensifying SEMPO-like attacks


RJC-NPA Bikol gives its highest praise to Santos Binamera Command (SBC-NPA Albay) for its successful harassment operation against 1st Albay PMFC in Brgy. San Isidro, Jovellar, Albay on June 23, 2020. This is the NPA’s response to Joint Task Force Bicolandia’s (JTFB) intensifying SEMPO-like attacks. Patrolman Emerson Belmonte was killed in action, while Police Corporal Marlon Beltran, Patrolman Roy Resurrecion and Patrolman John Mark Paz were injured.

9th ID and PNP wage inconceivable terror in the region. Joint operations of AFP and PNP have caused greater damage than any disaster that has befell the region. Seventy-two victims of extrajudicial killings have been recorded since JTFB was formed in June 11, 2018. Fourteen of these were recorded after one of the strongest typhoons, Typhoon Tisoy, hit the region. Under JTFB, the Bicolano masses once again witnessed the first bombing in the region after decades.

Using a SEMPO-like style, JTFB’s list of victims will certainly multiply. It primarily targets civilians, especially progressive groups and individuals, and brands them as members of the NPA afterwards. JTFB is using illegal arrest and search warrants in order to justify their witchhunt of suspected members and supporters of the revolutionary forces. This is JTFB’s excuse in murdering five farmers in Dolos, and will be surely used in more cases in the future.

After the successful Jovellar ambush, the police and military’s death squade also murdered two barangay officials in Brgy. San Isidro, Jovellar and peddled news that the NPA committed the crime. In reality, there was no NPA unit in that area because they immediately left after the ambush. The military and police have long been known for killing civilians even when no encounter has ensued and thereafter put the blame on the NPA.

Joining the armed struggle is a legitimate and sovereign right of the people. Their lives and livelihood are constantly in danger under the semicolonial and semifeudal system. Fascists, landlords and bureaucrat capitalists continue to collude to exploit and oppress the masses to the greatest extent possible. They will extort the most preposterous amount of profit they can and will persistently hold on to power while the lives of the masses spiral in a perpetual crisis. This is the root of oppression and exploitation the people can only end through exercising their sovereign power.

RJC-NPA Bikol strongly calls on the Bicolano masses to fortify and strengthen their army, take up arms and further advance the people’s war. Be part of an empowering revolution and support the NPA through all possible means. Further strengthen and widen the ranks of the NPA in order to amplify their capacity to achieve the basic requisites to reach the higher stage of the people’s war. Only through this can the people truly achieve freedom and relevant social change.

RJC-NPA Bikol also encourages those in the enemy lines to reform and side with the masses. There is no value in offering one’s life to a senseless war. True love for the people is not measured in uniforms, salaries or ranks, but in uniting and sincerely working towards freeing them from oppression and exploitation. To defend the ruling elite is to betray one’s class.

Likely targets of the enemy and those previously included in the AFP and PNP’s order of battle are also welcome to join the NPA’s guerilla units in order to defend themselves from the enemy’s attacks.

Together, the people can crush the fascist reign of the US-Duterte regime. Together, the oppressed and exploited masses can create a society that is truly free.

Bicolanos, join the New People’s Army!
Overthrow the US-Duterte regime!
Talingkas sa pagkaoripon!

SBC-BHB Albay’s harassment operation in Jovellar is BHB’s response to JTFB’s intensifying SEMPO-like attacks