Several MP residents refuse to be vaccinated

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In an information gathering done by the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front – Mountain Province, it was discovered that not only a few have refused to be vaccinated with anti-COVID vaccines due to several reasons. Many have refused the vaccine, particularly senior citizens, after some reports of its adverse effects and its effectivity.

“At first, I am really considering to be vaccinated. But after I have known that there can be side effects like sudden increase in blood pressure, I am now afraid to be vaccinated,” said Manang Eva*, a senior citizen and resident of Besao. Manang Lou*, a resident of Tadian, said that during their barangay meeting on the vaccination program, all of the senior citizens present did not volunteer to be vaccinated. Some backed out to be vaccinated after the Department of Health announced that the anti-COVID vaccines will not really prevent the human body from acquiring the virus, but will only minimize the symptoms. “Why bother be vaccinated if you will still get sick after?” said Manang Mel*, a resident of Sagada. These sentiments were reinforced after the report that several health workers from the neighbouring province of Kalinga still got positive for COVID-19 even after being vaccinated.

Amidst the widespread doubt and distrust on the anti-COVID vaccination among the i-Montanyosa, the CPDF MP is ever determined to campaign for the vaccination along with the campaign to strengthen community health systems and people’s resistance against any virus. “This widespread doubt on the vaccination is due to the severe lack of information dissemination among the people. Revolutionary mass organizations in the barrios will amplify its information drive regarding the COVID-19,” the CPDF MP said. According to an article dated March 2021 in Dangadang, the revolutionary publication in Ilocos-Cordillera, vaccines will help produce anti-bodies to counter particular kinds of virus. The article also explained the importance of having the majority of the population vaccinated and acquire the capacity to produce anti-bodies against the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Leonardo Pacsi Command (New People’s Army – Mountain Province) continue to provide medical services to the village folks while facing focused military operations. “It is quite saddening, but also enraging, that the Duterte regime is more focused in crushing the revolutionary movement than seriously solving this pandemic. Our medical units shall continue its health work among the people even if we are under the attacks of the AFP and PNP. Free, accessible, and quality health is a basic right of the people,” said Magno Udyaw, spokesperson of the NPA MP. “Along with our medical work, we will also intensify our programs in agrarian revolution, like increase in food and herbal medicine production in the barrios, as part of our campaign against COVID-19,” Udyaw added. Lastly, the CPDF MP reiterated that the people have the right to safe and effective vaccination, and military and anti-insurgency funds worth billions of pesos should be rechanelled to health and other basic social services.#

*Their real names were undisclosed for security reasons

Several MP residents refuse to be vaccinated