Sham “surrender” and “amnesty” under Marcos

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Based on the announcement a few days ago by Gen. Carlito Galvez, Marcos’s so-called peace adviser, the supposed plan to declare amnesty is just a lot of nonsense. This will end up a mere extension of the fake “surrender” drive and anomalous construction of roads under the “barangay development” of the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac.

This sham starts with fake numbers. Government officials claim that 26,414 NPA “surrenderees” will be included in the amnesty. This number, of course, is a big hoax considering that in 2017, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) claimed that the NPA was only 4,000-strong, and supposedly, is now down to 2,000. We all know that most of these “surrenderees” are, in fact, peasant masses who were subjected to the worse forms of intimidation and forced to “admit” being NPA members.

But, according to Gen. Galvez, only 1-2 thousand of all “surrenderees” have been charged. This is practically a confession that a large majority (93%) of AFP’s “surrenderees” face no crime in any court under the laws of the reactionary government. The question is: on what basis were they made to “surrender” by the AFP.

If the AFP says that these people “surrendered” because they are supporting the NPA, then they admit to having committed a major crime under international humanitarian law, which explicitly prohibits forcing civilians to change their allegiance even if they are in the territory of one’s belligerent adversary.

The talk of amnesty is all a big farce when this government refuses to release approximately 800 political prisoners, mostly charged with fabricated criminal cases to make them rot in jail. Or when it continues to persecute legal democratic organizations that promote the people’s aspirations for national and social liberation.

This amnesty program being pushed by Gen. Galvez again reeks of corruption. As vaccine czar of the Duterte government, he has yet to account for the billions upon billions of pesos spent for anomalous secret contracts to purchase vaccines from China vaccine.

The Filipino people will not be deceived by Galvez/Marcos/ELCAC’s “amnesty,” just as they are not deceived by the fake “localized peace talks” that do not solve the root causes of their misery and hunger, and merely serve as smokescreen for widespread land-grabbing by foreign multinationals and their local big business partners.

Sham “surrender” and “amnesty” under Marcos