Statement on the recent Candoni clash, “NPA” couple surrender


At about 5:00 pm yesterday, May 3, a unit of ASJC-NPA battled with the fascist 15IB troops in Sitio Tigmaya, Barangay Gatuslao, Candoni, Negros Occidental.

The said NPA unit was in the area assisting the masses in their economic activities, health concerns, other pressing problems in the locality, and conducting political education regarding the upcoming May 9 reactionary elections.

Due to the comrade’s mastery of the terrain, flexible guerilla tactics and popular support, they were able to successfully repel the murderous assault of 15IB despite its preponderant force and inflict considerable casualties on the enemy.

But, as what can usually happen in war and revolutionary struggle, it is not without a price. The 18-year-old Red fighter Anthony Bago was martyred in that battle fighting for the interest and the liberation of the oppressed masses.

As a people’s warrior and dedicated servant of the masses, his death is heavier than the highest mountain peak of Negros.

Comrade Anthony is one of the many youths who unwaveringly responded to the call to enlist in the NPA and join the people’s armed resistance to put an end to the tyrannical rule of the US-Duterte regime and overthrow the rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

In stark contrast, Adonis Ligid-ligid and live-in partner Danica Aro had forsaken the struggle and interest of the masses more than two years ago in pursuit of the illusory comfort and good life outside the revolutionary movement. They resigned from the NPA on December 2019.

The supposed good life obviously turned out to be a worthless rhetoric of AFP propagandists as the country’s socio-economic crisis under Duterte exacerbated to unprecedented level. Thus, the attraction of monetary benefits from government’s hyped surrender program for the cash-strapped couple is irresistible.

The staged surrender event in BCPO yesterday is ludicrous considering Ligid-ligid and Aro are no longer NPA members and they are doing this for financial incentive. The propaganda spin of being “hunted by their former comrades” and “forced to surrender” are pure hogwash. They could have surrendered earlier if indeed their lives are truly in danger.

Besides, it’s not the policy of the NPA to go after those who waver in their revolutionary commitment and give up the struggle, so long they have not committed any crime against the people or actively participated in counterrevolutionary activities for and in behalf of the AFP/PNP. The revolutionary undertaking is voluntary and founded on selfless dedication to serve the people and firm understanding of principles.

It’s the height of callousness and desperation of the AFP and PNP to manipulate the poverty of others just to project a winning image of their failed counterrevolutionary war. ###

Statement on the recent Candoni clash, “NPA” couple surrender