Stay on high alert and launch tactical offensives against attacking fascist troops

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) recently announced that there will be no unilateral ceasefire of the New People’s Army (NPA) to cover the duration of the people’s Christmas and New Year celebrations, and the 52nd anniversary celebration of the CPP. This decision is based mainly on the untenability of an NPA ceasefire in the face of intensified and relentless brutal attacks of the armed forces of the reactionary US-Duterte regime, making it extremely difficult for the people to peacefully enjoy and celebrate Christmas and New Year.

According to the CPP, “Units of the NPA are hereby ordered to actively defend the masses and themselves against the attacks of the AFP and frustrate the enemy’s armed offensives and plans to terrorize the masses during these holidays. They can carry out tactical offensives especially against attacking troops of the enemy, particularly those who have perpetrated massacres and extrajudicial killings and who are notorious for grave abuses and violations of human rights.”

In accordance with this, the NPA-NOC has ordered all Red fighters and officers of the NPA, including militia units, to stay on high alert and maintain active defense against the expected more intense, sustained and widespread nationwide attacks of the fascist armed forces of the US-Duterte regime for the duration of the Yuletide season and the CPP’s 52nd anniversary celebrations.

The reactionary regime’s earlier announcement of not declaring a unilateral ceasefire is based mainly on a flimsy reason, that of accusing the NPA of violating its own declared unilateral ceasefires in the past. The truth is it is its armed forces who have repeatedly violated their own unilateral ceasefire declarations since Duterte became president. In the duration of their previous unilateral ceasefires, the regime’s armed forces were the ones who launched offensive military operations and deployed troops in interior areas and territories of the NPA to conduct intelligence and combat operations in the guise of relief, medical and other alibis. The mercenary troops of the reactionary regime has run berserk and raised the level of its counter-revolutionary campaigns and operations because Duterte is desperately running out of time to achieve his objective of inflicting decisive blows against resilient NPA forces nationwide within the remaining weeks of the year. They also aim to sabotage nationwide celebrations of the 52nd CPP founding anniversary on December 26.

With this prevailing situation, the NPA will be forced to defend itself, the revolutionary forces and the people in combat against anticipated attacks of the regime’s mercenary troops. We must maintain a high level of alertness and precaution against big and small military attacks. We enjoin all NPA forces to stay on alert and launch tactical offensives as active defense against the offensive enemy forces and other legitimate military targets. However, we must see to it that our tactical offensives will not directly and adversely affect the people’s Yuletide celebrations.

Should there be any untoward military incident during the Yuletide season, we shall place the blame mainly on the war-mongering of Duterte and his gang of war-freak generals and advisers. Duterte and his boot-lickers, who will be enjoying the Yuletide season in their air-conditioned offices and residences, cannot even afford to give a brief respite to their war-laden and combat-fatigued troops in the field who wish to join their families for Christmas and New Year.

This further exposes their reactionary insensitivity and lack of consideration for the people’s desire to celebrate the season in peace and merriment, especially so in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. How else could the regime have the gall to shamelessly waste billions of funds for military campaigns and operations during this holiday season just so it can attain its foolhardy ambition of wiping out the NPA, when all the people wish for this Christmas is a few days’ respite? ###

Stay on high alert and launch tactical offensives against attacking fascist troops